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Should I minor in anything

bachtransferbachtransfer 0 replies4 threads New Member
Im transferring to UC Berkeley in the fall and am trying to plan out my classes. I am a statistics major, and I realize that I have some extra space in my schedule and Im thinking about minoring in something. I want to minor in "environmental economics and policy" but doing so conflicts a little with my major class sequences. Would having this minor on my resume help me a lot when looking for a job? I want to work as an actuary, or maybe in finance. If not, then should I just take classes that are interesting to me to fulfill the college of letters and science 13 unit/ semester requirement? Advice please!
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Replies to: Should I minor in anything

  • laccstudentlaccstudent 168 replies27 threads Junior Member
    It's a good idea. Economics goes well with Statistics major! Although my thought is that you'll be more welcomed in public sectors. If you work for the government, of course. :)
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  • SDGoldenBearSDGoldenBear 324 replies0 threads Member
    Here at Cal for Act Sci, or anything in finance really, your better off taking as many relevant courses as electives rather than minoring. Explore the lower division data science classes as those offer some valuable experience with working with financial data. (CS/INFO/STAT C8 is a very highly recommended course for example.)

    Another popular option is to take as many grad level courses as they will let you. Most public universities will allow you to use a few grad level courses taken during undergrad towards a masters degree so you can knock off some graduate course requirements early should you end up at a school that grants them equivalency.
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  • iTransfer1iTransfer1 35 replies1 threads Junior Member
    You are better off taking acounting or computer science courses
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