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Picking my Fifth UCAS Choice

stephendedalus99stephendedalus99 35 replies14 threads Junior Member
I am applying to schools in both the UK and US (along with Trinity College Dublin probably). In the US, I have my respective reaches (Columbia, Brown), matches (Reed, NYU, U of M), and safeties (Sarah Lawrence, New School), along with other possibilities if I'm not driven completely insane by the application process in a couple of months (UT-Austin? UW-Seattle? Vassar?).

Mercifully, the UK process is comparatively simple and am more or less ready to go to submit my UCAS in a week. The only problem is my choices. I have my reaches (Oxford, University College London) and matches (King's College London, Edinburgh), but am hard-pressed for whether I should include a safety. I was initially think Queen Mary for this purpose, but is a UK safety necessary? Am I aiming too low, if I have a good chance at Bristol, Durham, Nottingham, etc.? And lastly, am I underselling Queen Mary, considering I'm applying for English?
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Replies to: Picking my Fifth UCAS Choice

  • tintinhopetintinhope 186 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Of course yes, that is the purpose of 5th choice. You don't want to join the clearing process - unless you are not really sure you want to study in UK.
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  • elguapo1elguapo1 441 replies3 threads Member
    Looking over past messages and I may have missed some so forgive me, but at the moment you have 5's in AP US History and Eng Lang/ Comp, and Sat II 800 in American History. Are there anymore scores you have to share because that's not going to cut it for an unconditional offer for UK schools at the moment as the universities will see US history and your SAT II as the same subject.
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  • tintinhopetintinhope 186 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Apologies ... I probably made mistake in the uni Clearing process which applies usually to local students taking A levels
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  • jupiter98jupiter98 328 replies2 threads Member
    Clearing is open to all interested students, overseas students get more choices/openings due to higher tuition that they will bring.
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  • boomtingboomting 689 replies27 threads Member
    There's no disadvantage, and potentially a fair few benefits, to adding a fifth choice. However, you don't have to add one now - you can just send off your application now and add a fifth choice later - so long as you do so before 15th January, it will count as being an on time application.

    Clearing is the process of matching universities with spaces to students that need places. It happens in the summer (by far the biggest day is A Level results day, which is always on a Thursday in August - many places will become available and be filled on that same day) and is open to anyone who is not already holding an offer and wants to start studying that September, including international students. It's usually used by a mixture of students who have missed their conditional offers and students who have had a change of heart about the course they want to do or the uni they want to go to. Last year 1 in 8 students got their place through Clearing, so it's a pretty big operation.
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  • texaspgtexaspg Forum Champion Pre-Med & Medical 16656 replies343 threads Forum Champion
    What are you majoring in?
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43281 replies471 threads Senior Member
    Also, be careful about using Sarah Lawrence and New School for safeties, as they

    Fifth choice, based on your us choices.. UEA, Queen's Belfast, Cardiff...?
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