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Chance me?

STEMGuy2323STEMGuy2323 106 replies80 threads Junior Member
I'm a senior in high school at the moment, and here are my stats:

Weighted GPA: 3.95/4.0 (student at an IB school. School held status of best in the state of PA the last two years)
Unweighted GPA: 3.5/4.0

Class Rank: School does not rank

ACT Composite: 33/36
- English: 35
- Math: 34
- Reading: 30
- Science: 33
- Writing: 28

Ethnicity: Asian (Indian)

Subject Tests:
-Math Level 2: 730

ECs and Accomplishments:
-National Merit Commended Student for PSAT
-Member of school's NHS chapter since junior year.
-Student council general assembly member since my sophomore year.
-Was part of a group that organized a hack-a-thon at my school when I was a sophomore.
-Member of the school orchestra since my freshman year (violin).
-Played on the boys' tennis team since sophomore year (was cut as a freshman)
-Member of my school's HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) chapter as a freshman, sophomore, and senior. Held a leadership position as a sophomore, and also won third place in an event at the regional level that same year.
-Member of my school's FBLA chapter as a freshman and sophomore (competed at the regional level.)
-Volunteered in a local hospital's escort department this past summer to gain a feel for a healthcare environment.
-Worked in a summer job at a local ACT/SAT preparation place, even worked for them a little before the summer.
-Attended a week-long practicum at a major software company this past summer. (IB requirement for my school)
-Also attended a week-long practicum at a local biomedical engineering company this past summer. (IB requirement for my school)
-Speech and Debate since junior year, leaning more to the speech side (did Dramatic Interp. last year)
-Helped to start a political discussion and debate club at my school recently (me and two other classmates)
-Part of my school's UNICEF and Key Club chapters.
-Member of the Junior Achievement Program at Pfizer.

1st Choice Major: Biomedical Engineering
2nd Choice Major: Economics

In addition to all this, I like to think I have shown an extensive interest in Case over the past year and a half or so:

- Visited campus in April 2016.
- Talked with a representative at a college fair in October 2015.
- Signed up for the mailing list (which I am fairly sure they note.) in August 2016.
- Recently requested an interview.
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Replies to: Chance me?

  • fancytowelsfancytowels 36 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I have very similar credentials as you and also applying to BME. You have great ECs and test scores and have also done a great job at showing interest in the university. The only thing I can see hurting you is your UW GPA. All in all, you seem like a competitive applicant.
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14392 replies103 threads Forum Champion
    Also make sure to read those emails. When you visited campus did you do an interview there? If so you don't need an alumni interview.
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  • STEMGuy2323STEMGuy2323 106 replies80 threads Junior Member
    @bopper I didn't do an interview when I went to campus. That's why I requested an alumni interview. Also, I do read the e-mails for the most part, save for a few open house emails. I live six hours away from Cleveland, so a open house isn't a viable option, especially given that my senior year is jam-packed with different things to attend to.
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  • STEMGuy2323STEMGuy2323 106 replies80 threads Junior Member
    @fancytowels I thought that Case looks at the weighted GPA?
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14392 replies103 threads Forum Champion
    @STEMGuy2323 No problem if you can't make an Open House...they understand that some people can't visit until they are accepted. Good luck on an interview!

    I don't know if Case looks at weighted or unweighted..probably like most colleges they look at your grades and the difficulty of your curriculum.
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  • STEMGuy2323STEMGuy2323 106 replies80 threads Junior Member
    Here is my schedule from high school overall. @bopper

    9th grade:

    Pre-IB Physics (Honors) (A)
    Pre-IB Algebra II (Honors) (B)
    Pre-IB International Studies (Honors) (A)
    Pre-IB Literature (Honors) (B)
    Symphony Orchestra (Regular) (A)
    Introduction to Engineering (Regular) (A)
    Health and Wellness (Regular) (A)
    Java Programming (Regular) (A)
    German II (Regular) (B)

    10th grade:

    Pre-IB Biology (Honors) (A)
    Pre-IB Chemistry (Honors) (C)
    Pre-IB Math Analysis (Honors) (B)
    Pre-IB Literature (Honors) (B)
    Pre-IB Civics and Government (Honors) (B)
    Symphony Orchestra (Regular) (A)
    Intro to Engineering II (Regular) (A)
    Health and Wellness II (Regular) (A)

    11th grade:
    HL Literature (AP weighted) (B)
    HL Psychology (AP weighted) (A)
    HL Biology (AP weighted) (A)
    SL Mathematics (Honors) (A)
    SL History (Honors) (B)
    SL Theory of Knowledge (Honors) (A)
    SL German (Honors) (A)
    Symphony Orchestra (Regular) (A)
    Health and Medicine I (Regular) (A)
    Health and Medicine II (Regular) (A)

    12th grade:

    HL Literature Yr. 2 (AP weighted) (TBD)
    HL Psychology Yr. 2 (AP weighted) (TBD)
    HL Biology Yr. 2 (AP weighted) (TBD)
    SL Mathematics Yr. 2 (Honors) (TBD)
    SL History Yr. 2 (Honors) (TBD)
    SL Theory of Knowledge Yr. 2 (Honors) (TBD)
    SL German Yr. 2 (Honors) (TBD)
    Symphony Orchestra (Regular) (TBD)
    Health and Medicine III (Regular) (TBD)

    We take the IB exams in May of 2017.
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14392 replies103 threads Forum Champion
    I don't know anything about admissions...but one wonders about only one HL science and no HL Math for an engineer to be at CWRU.
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  • STEMGuy2323STEMGuy2323 106 replies80 threads Junior Member
    @bopper They don't really consider what you're applying for from what I've heard. Single door admissions and such. Either way, I gave two major choices, so even if BME doesn't work out in my favor, I think I have a good shot at Econ.
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