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University of Maryland c/o 2021 !!!! Honors College/College Park Scholars

simbuhsimbuh 27 replies4 threads Junior Member
Can you guys chance me on this? :/ I know the academics may be below the average but I think I may actually have a shot. My EC's are great, my recs were also great, and my essay was very strong. (I wrote about my passion for spoken word poetry). I think overall, after going through my UMD app, I'm conveyed as a very very well rounded student. Like I believe I come off very intellectual and interesting (from my opinion after reviewing it).

I applied Priority to Smith School of Business with a Management Major. (business is my BIG passion)

I am a Black/Hispanic female, New Jersey. I attend a highly ranked vocational magnet high school (meaning you have to be admitted into the school based off academics) both state and country ranked & it is also a blue-ribbon school (in New Jersey). So our workload, course curriculum is way above average.

-ALL of my schools classes are on an honors level (on the side of our transcripts, it indicates that)
-Because we attend vocational school, we don't have the open schedule space to take APs like many of you do (this is clarified in our counselor recommendation/curriculum Our AP space is very limited.)
-I have a 3.6 cumulative GPA = transfers to about 91.2% (yes it's not good enough) and sadly Junior year I did bad compared to sophomore year where I pulled a 95 overall average. I am very concerned about the downward spiral they will see from sophomore to junior year... junior year was extremely hard.

Sophomore Year Grades-
Chem- 82
Criminal Justice-100
English- 97
Financial Literacy- 97
Geo/Trig- 88

Junior Year Grades-
Criminal Justice (vocation)- 99
Pre-Calc- 70
Physics- 77

Senior Year Classes and more than likely my mid year grades
Criminal Justice 100
Agricultural Science 91
Business Communications 98
Marketing (2nd semester)
AP Stat 72 (hard class but I took the challenge since i'm a future business major)
Genocide 99
Brit Lit 91

-My SAT is HORRENDOUS, I'm not the best standardized test taker, I retook the test and everything but just no hope. even did a priceton review class. My SAT is a 1070/1600 which transfers to about a 1470/2400 ...retaking it AGAIN is out of the option and so is ACT. SAT is just not a good reflection of my intelligence and academic capabilities.

-We have no class rankings (our class is VERY small made up of 89 students) as I mentioned before, the school is selective so class rankings would not be fair to us.

-My strengths are:
-amazing recommendations (my teachers and counselors wrote spectacular ones)
-stellar essays (i am a writer) - I wrote my essay about my passion for spoken word poetry
- I applied to Simon Scholars for U of R so that whole application is about business
-I had a lot of supplement essays to write which came out great. Despite SAT, I applied to every school honors college program or checked that I wanted to be considered for it.
-I own a successful business at 16

My weaknesses are:
SAT obviously which I know will hurt me already has but I cant change the fact that it's just not my cup of tea
GPA possibly

Varsity Cheerleader
• May 2013-June 2017 Made varsity cheerleading team as an incoming freshman.
• 2015-2016 Fall Season Coaches Award Recipient for hard work, dedication, and consistent high spirit
• 2016-2017 Senior Captain

Junior Coach (Cheerleading)
• July 2014-current assistant junior coach to Junior Pee Wee Cheerleaders (ages 8-11). Over 200 community service hours. Assisted team with basic cheerleading routines, stunting, tumbling, and competition in which the girls have successfully competed at a local, regional, and national level.

Junior Class President
• June 2015-June 2016 Working with students to resolve problems, and informing school leaders and the student council of ideas emanating from the class. Leading class cabinet meetings and organizing student activities and events. In charge of building funds for the class to use for activities.

Student Government Vice President
• May 2016-present serves a managerial purpose for school under the leadership of student government president. Oversee efforts on student activity events and planning, school policy support from students, budget allocation, fiscal planning, recognition of developing issues pertaining to students, and communication between faculty/staff and the student body.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
• December 2014 Business Communications Competitor

Criminal Justice Advisory Board Member
• September 2014-current Chosen representative for criminal justice vocation. Facilitated plans for criminal justice course curriculum.

LTC (New Jersey Leadership Conference Delegate)
• July 2015 chosen by administration to represent school at statewide summer leadership conference. Discovered, developed, and demonstrated leadership potential in a supportive and unique environment.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy
• October 2015-May 2016 Yearlong after school program/class taken every week for two hours after school. Develop business ideas, write business plans, conduct market research, competitively pitch business plans to a panel of real investors for business funding and advancement to regionals, and actually launch a real business.
• 2016 Chamber of Commerce Investor Panel Winner
• 2016 Saunders Scholars National Semi Finalist

Student Ambassador

• CEO/President/Owner of FleXebo LLC.
o FleXebo is a registered Limited Liability Company in the state of New Jersey. Created business at the age of 16 along with business partner.
o Business Description: FleXebo is the world's first self-tightening stretch band. FleXebo is essentially an aid for an intensified stretch. Product promotes stretching as it is fundamental and beneficial to everyone's health. Company’s target market includes athletes, rehabilitation & physical therapy patients, senior citizens, and fitness center
o Quantitative Value: How Many Sold/How Much Profit (i have to include this

• Pizzeria Employee
June 2015-current; cashier, clean, light cooking

• Retail Clothing Store
June 2016-current; sales associate

Pre-Calculus; AP Statistics; Spanish (bilingual); Business Communications; Marketing; Entrepreneurship

National Honor Society based on cumulative GPA qualifications, character/community service, essay submitted.

Spanish Honor Society based on cumulative average in Spanish of a 98, character/community service to Spanish speaking community, essay submitted.

Student of the Month (February 2015) chosen by school administration to receive award for demonstrating high academic achievement, character, and leadership.

Unsung Heroes/Heroine 2016 Award Recipient
Chosen by school administration to receive award sponsored by New Jersey School Boards Association. One junior and senior is selected from every school in the county. For making outstanding contributions to school and community, overcoming difficult academic or personal challenges, modeling good citizenship, and exhibiting a spirit and quiet strength that has inspired others.

• Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA): Saunders Scholars National Semi Finalist
Winning business (FleXebo) for Young Entrepreneurs Academy county competition. Advancing business
to YEA regional/national level competition.

Wherever I end up, I know that's where I'm supposed to be. I will thrive! I have HUGE goals for my place in corporate America!
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