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What school was unexpectedly your least favorite when you visited?


Replies to: What school was unexpectedly your least favorite when you visited?

  • TroyusTroyus 259 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @PragmaticMom : Oberlin is tobacco free and has been for almost a year. Even before it became tobacco free there was a huge stigma on campus against smoking and in the dozen or so times I was there I never, ever saw anyone in the designated smoking areas.
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  • SouthFloridaMom9SouthFloridaMom9 3416 replies30 threads Senior Member
    Vanderbilt . . . same sentiments as someone expressed up-thread.
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  • IBviolamomIBviolamom 378 replies37 threads Member
    edited April 2017
    Ours was Grinnell, and not for the reasons we expected, although driving through cornfields for hours before arriving did freak D out a little bit. The admissions office made the poor choice of giving my daughter a freshman as a host for their Discover Grinnell weekend, and this was only six weeks into the fall semester. The girl was very sweet and friendly, no problem there, but proceeded to tell my daughter how the school doesn't really care what you do academically and that she knows tons of students who are on their sixth year as undergrads. She also gave my daughter the idea that there is a ton of unchecked drug use on campus. I really don't understand why a girl with very little experience as a Grinnell student would be given the job of hosting a prospie. Also, D sat in on a physics class with a professor of an unidentifiable (to her) nationality, who had an accent so thick she couldn't understand a word he said. And there were these weird long spiderweb/like things floating through the air all over campus that would get stuck on your clothes and in your hair. Our tour guide (who was great BTW) had one floating from her head the entire tour. :))

    So many things about the school were quite impressive but my daughter couldn't get past the things above and it shot straight to the bottom of her list. She did send an application, but literally forgot about it and never mentioned the school again.
    edited April 2017
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  • happy1happy1 23571 replies2338 threads Senior Member
    @SuburbMom H and S are "cult members" -- Your post made me LOL!
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  • lr4550lr4550 952 replies9 threads Member
    Worst by far for D15 was American. Started off with a shamelessly cheesy movie during info session. We couldn't believe how bad it was. The tour came next and it was the only tour we ever ditched mid stream. Felt badly but she wanted to move on, big time.

    Worst for D18 so far was UW (Univ Washington). She is leaning heavily to SLACs and I wanted her to see a big school with a great reputation- academics and campus beauty- and Seattle is a lovely city. She was in a BAD mood when we headed toward campus. Lots of people and traffic. She literally refused to go on the tour. Too big she said, No way. I was bummed, I (me personally) wanted to see more of the campus. It's a great school, great location, beautiful facilities!
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  • ClaremontMomClaremontMom 2365 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Any college where a student takes the time to approach our tour group and say, "Don't go here!"

    Thinking for a split second I was on Facebook and not CC, I reached for the "Wow!" button....

    Never happened to us, but I'm sure if it did, it would definitely have had an effect!
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  • pog2016pog2016 42 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @Midwestmomofboys Haha. Yes I realize how silly it is to complain about no ocean or mountain in Wisconsin. Also silly to complain about the weather, but honestly, when do you get to sail on that beautiful lake--it was still snowing in mid April. Although I must admit the students seemed way heartier than I was--they were walking around in sandals and shorts while I was bundled up in my down jacket.
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  • porcupine98porcupine98 1594 replies27 threads Senior Member
    Any school where the tour guide described EVERYTHING as "awesome." Especially if they were things my kid didn't give a hoot about.
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  • preppedparentpreppedparent 3341 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Yale - although it had some savings graces, its location in New Haven is a draw back for many.

    Holy Cross - again its location in Worcester makes it somewhat less desirable.
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  • nogddgnogddg 30 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Add us to UCSD haters. I was SURE, S, a beach lover, would love it there. As mentioned, there is no beach feel at all. He really hated it, despite our adorable perky tour guide. It just didn't have any soul, hard to describe. As an engineering student, he also hated the separate colleges with the "weird" requirements. It was also a big turn off to have to park in a far away lot, wait in long lines and then catch the bus to the campus. We chatted with some students on that bus back to the car and I think DS was thinking how crummy that commute would be once you are forced off campus.
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