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A six-hour discipline depth study.

laraleilaralei 774 replies59 threads Member
I did a search on this, but the responses are not as specific as I would have hoped.

When fulfilling the six-hour discipline depth study, do the classes need to be in sequence within the discipline or do they just need to be any two classes within the discipline?
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Replies to: A six-hour discipline depth study.

  • mmom99mmom99 167 replies32 threads Junior Member
    I believe the courses have to be in specific, defined, sequence.

    Somewhere I've seen (maybe within DegreeWorks) specific lists of the accepted sequences. They were things like "US History 101 and US History 102", etc. My kids are both in the Engineering College, and for them, their Spanish CLEP credits (101, 102, & 201 for one kid; 101, 102, 201, & 201 for the other kid) counted as their required depth studies. I got the impression somewhere that other Colleges may have more stringent depth study requirements, though.
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  • flatKansasflatKansas 565 replies9 threads Member
    I couldn't find a definitive answer for this, and the link inside DegreeWorks that should explain it leads to a broken page.

    (Engineering here too)

    Everyone seems to satisfy it via language AP/clep, so nobody seems to know how it works otherwise.
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  • mmom99mmom99 167 replies32 threads Junior Member
    I'll try to find links. Here's one.


    From the above link:

    "The Depth Study Requirement can be found in DegreeWorks. In order to complete this requirement students must complete six credit hours in HI/SB or six credits in HU/L/FA within the same discipline/subject. Students cannot fulfill requirement with three credits of HU/L/FA and three credits HI/SB. For example, Economics- EC 110 and EC 111- taken as two HI/SB electives, or Spanish- SP 101 and SP 102- taken as two HU/L/FA electives.

    Review the Core Curriculum and search by attributes (HI/SB/HU/L/FA) on the University Registrar’s website."

    Not terribly detailed, unfortunately. I'll keep looking for better info for you, and I'll post anything I find that is more helpful. What is provided is very vague, which works OK when you come in with CLEP credits satisfying the requirement . . . but clearly you need more precise info when you are choosing classes! If you contact the registrar or otherwise get detailed info, please come back and post here for future parents/students.

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  • MichiganGeorgiaMichiganGeorgia 4389 replies85 threads Senior Member
    My DS is not an engineering major but I went out to degreeworks and did a whatif saying he was EE major. He has AP credit for HY 103 & HY 104 from APUSH. It says that fufills the depth requirement.
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  • laraleilaralei 774 replies59 threads Member
    edited July 2017
    Degree Works has not been correct since DS started. It shows class requirements for subjects that aren't even offered any longer. I do wish he would have this corrected. I think it can be of benefit, but I would not rely on it.
    edited July 2017
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  • aeromomaeromom 2627 replies82 threads Senior Member
    we did not find the 'what-ifs' application very useful for my son's major. It is best to sit down with an advisor, after poking around DW.
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  • Mom2aphysicsgeekMom2aphysicsgeek 4669 replies56 threads Senior Member
    @laralei I remember looking at this when ds was considering UA as a high school sr. It was 2 courses in sequence. For him, he planned to use US history to fulfill that requirement. The 2 US history CLEP exams can fulfill the sequence.
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  • LucieTheLakieLucieTheLakie 3899 replies164 threads Senior Member
    No help to offer, but @MichiganGeorgia, I LOVE your new avatar! :)
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