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In high school, what extracurriculars demonstrate a philosophy "spike?"

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Replies to: In high school, what extracurriculars demonstrate a philosophy "spike?"

  • nick3162nick3162 219 replies35 threads Junior Member
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threads Senior Member
    I think you are overthinking it. If you think you need a "spike" in your proposed major, that is incorrect. It is good to have SOME exposure to an area if you plan to put in your app that you plan to major in it. But in reality your ECs do not need to be focused in your major area. Colleges want students who are engaged in their communities, and are interested and interesting.

    I can't think of a ton of ECs in that area. But one of my kids was the moderator for an online philosophy forum for gifted/talented kids. And took a college level philosophy class one summer for fun. But it wasn't her college major.
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  • hsstudent13hsstudent13 99 replies19 threads Junior Member
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    If your school offers it, you could take IB Theory of Knowledge, I haven't taken it but it's the closest thing to a philosophy class at most high schools. There's also an online version! If you're interested in learning more about philosophy just for the sake of learning it, Crash Course has a video series on it, I haven't watched it but their content is always good. I know that ethics =/= philosophy, but if you like ethics (the subjects are pretty similar, right? I honestly have no idea) there's a national high school ethics bowl. DECA also has a business law and ethics category - not that you'd be interested in business, it's just something I happened to know about. You could also start a philosophy club? Colleges love initiative, and it could help you share your passion for philosophy with others. Good luck!
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