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High School Class of 2022

meyou2022meyou2022 3 replies1 threads New Member
After reading the other class threads, I realized this one was a bit overdue.

Here, you can discuss class schedules and anything relating to C/O 2022 including opportunities, grades, worries, questions etc.
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Replies to: High School Class of 2022

  • jhilikejhujhilikejhu 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I am '22 too! We just finalized out class schedules for next year, here is what mines looks like:

    - English I H
    - Geom H
    - Bio H
    - USH H
    - Latin I
    - Art I
    - PE/Health

    I also plan to run track, and maybe join some other sports and clubs! :)
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  • butterflyrosebutterflyrose 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm also Class of 22. We picked our classes but they aren't finalized yet.

    English H
    Math 2 H
    Bio H
    USH 1 H
    Spanish 1 H
    Choral Arts

    I plan to do gymnastics, track, and figure skating team.
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  • meyou2022meyou2022 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Anyone else, feel free to join in, also upperclassmen if you want to give us some advice? :-h
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  • excovererexcoverer 661 replies31 threads Member
    Also a rising junior year. I am sure for @ab2002, freshman year was easier, and I think this is the case for most people. However, if you find freshman year incredibly hard, do not be terrified. For me, I found that my freshman year was almost three times harder than my current school year as a sophomore, and as a freshman, I became terrified of entering sophomore year. If you find yourself panicked, know that you're never alone, and all of us are here to help you. If you have any questions about high school, feel free to ask me. Some questions may have repeat answers and/or only apply to certain high schools, but I'll try my best to help! I agree with @ab2002 in that you should not worry about college admissions or "Chance Me" stuff. Feel free to explore universities and colleges alongside majors and careers that will motivate and excite you on the future, but don't worry about it too much yet. I highly recommend enjoying your freshman year to the fullest. It will help you a lot in the longrun!

    Best of luck and have a good day!
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  • chrysalismchrysalism 138 replies7 threads Junior Member
    edited May 2018
    rising sophomore here! i agree with the advice of the above posters; you guys are already showing motivation by choosing to come on here and post & you have the potential to do great things. treat freshman year seriously (start taking rigorous classes - maybe try 1 AP freshman year if your school allows to get a taste for it? - and make sure your time management and study skills are well-developed bc they will help you immensely later on), but remember that this is a year for exploration of your interests and learning what works/what doesn't. join all of the clubs that interest you, stick with them for a few months to see what they're really like, and by the end of your freshman year narrow it down to a few extracurriculars that you really enjoy and would be willing to pursue for 4 years. don't be afraid to take risks and make mistakes! we all believe in you and are here if you need anything :)
    edited May 2018
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  • HellowhatHellowhat 7 replies2 threads New Member
    Hello, rising senior here :) As a freshman I struggled as high school was a big adjustment and I had to learn to study and manage my time well so I recommend not doing more than you think you can handle especially your first year. Challenge yourself but remember that your well being is more important. Try not to compare yourself with others who are taking harder classes than you are. Do what is best for you. High school is an exciting time to try new things and explore your interests so get involved in clubs and activities so try something new and make some friends. Good luck to everyone with the coming year!
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  • coolboy456781coolboy456781 21 replies0 threads Junior Member
    That was fast. Good luck to the freshman. High school isn't as hard as you think it'll be.
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  • awesomepolyglotawesomepolyglot 3882 replies69 threads Senior Member
    Rising senior!

    DO NOT GET IN THE HABIT OF PROCRASTINATING. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. It's a struggle, man! I'm still stuck in bad habits from, like, middle school.

    Have an idea of schools that interest you, but don't obsess over them. Just know what you're aiming for.

    Don't spend all of your time on CC.

    Join clubs! Join any club you think you might be interested AND have time for. You can always drop them, and it's good to explore a bit!

    My SAT/ACT recommended schedule:
    PSAT fall of freshman, sophomore, and junior years
    SAT/ACT and first round of SAT Subject Tests in spring of sophomore year
    As needed, retake SAT and/or ACT in the fall and spring/summer of your junior year and maybe the fall of your senior year
    second round of SAT Subject Tests in the spring of junior year
    If you can afford it, either take a practice (under strict test conditions) or real ACT or SAT cold to see how you do! You might surprise yourself with a perfect score--I did :)

    Khan Academy is good for getting ahead. Don't sit around and watch vines all summer. Try to run through most of the math class you'll be taking next year, and at least a little bit of science. Use the history videos before your AP World, AP Euro, and APUSH exams.

    If you complain endlessly about your freshman classes, the upperclassmen will NOT take you seriously. Don't be obnoxious. Please, please, please.

    It's OK to make friends with upperclassmen! Even though they'll leave you eventually.

    Do your homework!

    If you're in an academic competition, please pull your weight. Don't join Science Olympiad, take on an engineering event, and then do nothing. Majorly not cool.

    Don't underestimate yourself. Next time I hear one of my rising junior friends complain about being "not as smart as [my name]," I am going to throw hands.

    Have fun! High school isn't as bad as people say.
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  • symmbowLsymmbowL 33 replies30 threads Junior Member
    Class of 2021er here, good luck with high school and have fun you guys!
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  • MPC6789MPC6789 340 replies25 threads Member
    I'm currently a high school senior, so here is some advice I have for you.

    -Freshman year is a big transition, but it's very important to get your study habits and systems down during this time. While some students struggle a lot during their freshman year, which can end up hurting them later, if you are able to perform high quality work and remain as stress free as possible, you're setting yourself up for success.
    -Freshman year was definitely my easiest year in high school, so don't gauge the next 4 years off of your workload as a freshman. Since a freshman, my workload has increased drastically, as have my extracurricular commitments. I also took multiple study halls this year, something I didn't think I would ever do, but this has allowed me to focus on my all-AP Classes and my projects outside of school.

    Here is my most important piece of advice:
    -Don't take your grades or class rank too seriously. Obviously, getting good grades are important, especially depending which school you would like to attend for college, but they're not everything. As someone who is near the top of my class, I can tell you that stressing over every grade isn't worth it and it won't make you as happy as other things will. If you have the option to take another AP Class or an elective course, like an art or music class, that you would really enjoy, opt for the elective. if you have the option to stay home and get an extra hour of studying done or going out with friends, go out with your friends. In the grand scheme of things, it's going out with people that will make high school enjoyable, not getting the highest grades possible.
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  • Tasha2022Tasha2022 3 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm also class of 2022... around how much time did you spend on ECs in ninth grade? I have a lot of activities I'm interested in and I'm struggling to narrow it down.
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  • ahardboiledeggahardboiledegg 127 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @tasha2022 I'm a senior now and while I don't recommend spending all of your time doing ECs (grades and a social life are important, too), I wish I had participated in more things as a freshman. My volunteer hours are weak compared to everybody else's and it's too late to really fix, so I'd recommend finding a volunteer activity you like to do and a few good activities you can see yourself doing for the rest of high school. ECs are not about quantity but quality, so find some things that you would really enjoy doing (more than the rest) that you can commit to and eventually lead.
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  • excovererexcoverer 661 replies31 threads Member
    @Tasha2022 I'm a rising junior, and in freshman year, I didn't spend too much time on ECs. I was part of my Class Board, the high school swim team, private swim teams off the school season during the school year, and UNICEF. I began to do much more ECs when I reached sophomore year because I slowly discovered more ECs and what ECs I enjoy. I agree with @ahardboiledegg a lot. It is better to find a few things you particularly like over a ton of things. If you are ever in doubt, and you know what you want to do after high school, consider joining a club that is involved with that. Best of luck.

    Have a good day!
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  • ps1kdps1kd 150 replies7 threads Junior Member
    @Tasha2022 Rising junior here. I would suggest checking out all the clubs at the club fair if your school has one. Find the ones that you like and attend all their meetings. You can gradually narrow it down to a few that you are really interested in. If your school doesn’t have a club fair, I’m sure there are other resources to learn more about the clubs offered at your school.
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  • Tasha2022Tasha2022 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Thanks, guys!
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  • CavsFan2003CavsFan2003 947 replies74 threads Senior Member
    Hey! Rising sophomore here, meaning I just finished freshman year. I had a really rough year due to family and personal situations but all in all freshman year isn't too bad.

    My tips are to get involved in your school, do all of your work (procrastinating isn't a good habit), treat your teachers well, and be nice to everyone. High school isn't scary at all! Don't be intimidated by upperclassmen- they're regular ol' students just like you. Enjoy high school! Freshman year flies by :)
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  • HS studentHS student 162 replies12 threads Junior Member
    @Tasha2022 It seems you already got a good amount of responses about ECs, but I just wanted to add something real quick! I agree wholeheartedly with @Max147. Attend your club fair if you have one (my school at one point had one during freshmen orientation) and figure out what you MIGHT be interested in. If there isn't one, pay attention to announcements and/or a club list for your school. My advice is that you should attend call-out meetings for whatever you're interested in, and don't be afraid to join (or not join) a club if you think you want to try it. I ended up not continuing most of the ECs I was in freshman year, and it was difficult to pare back because I felt like I'd upset someone by dropping it - which leads to my other piece of advice. Don't feel obligated to stick with something if you don't enjoy it or it doesn't benefit you. Dropping something you don't enjoy might even open up space for something you like better! Good luck! If you have any questions about specific clubs or high school in general, feel free to ask! I'm class of 2020 by the way.
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  • Tasha2022Tasha2022 3 replies0 threads New Member
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  • squ1rrelsqu1rrel 453 replies37 threads Member
    Hi can we revive this thread? How's freshman year treating you guys...

    Can't wait for sophomore year!
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