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Summer visits-where are you headed, any tips?

drewsmom17drewsmom17 311 replies10 threads Member
We are touring several colleges this summer and wanted to see where everyone else is going. I know it’s not an ideal time but long distances and a teaching schedule means this is our best option.

Any tips for touring in summer, experiences to share? I figure we’ll need sunscreen and water!

We are headed up the East Coast from SC to NY then down and across the Midwest back to NE.
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Replies to: Summer visits-where are you headed, any tips?

  • ninakatarinaninakatarina 1619 replies44 threads Senior Member
    We are doing a New England trip, Vassar, Yale, Wesleyan, Brown, Tufts. Several may drop from that list depending on whether the ACT comes in the same as before.
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  • fleishmo6fleishmo6 554 replies29 threads Member
    @drewsmom17 if you include some schools you are visiting you will get some nice recommendations near each school from thepeeps
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  • MAandMEmomMAandMEmom 1736 replies10 threads Senior Member
    D20 has a swim meet in Richmond so we are doing URichmond, UVA, College of William and Mary in VA and then Georgetown, GWU, Catholic U, and American in DC. This would be for S19 (really just Catholic and GWU for engineering) and D20 who is undecided right now but leaning toward international business or relations.
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14379 replies103 threads Forum Champion
    I agree...if you have to do two in one day don't do it very often.
    Explore the area around to see where the students would hang out.
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  • AcidicRoyaltyAcidicRoyalty 8 replies8 threads Junior Member
    We're doing Rutgers, Temple, and Barnard in one trip, Smith and possibly Brandeis in another.

    TRIPLE CHECK WHEN THEY HAVE TOURS BEFORE PLANNING. Some of them only do specific trips on certain days, etc. Some major or department specific tours may only be once a week.

    Check out the area around the school more in depth for sure. Since it's summer, you may be able to spend a little more time than usual. Check store hours, try out the transit available, try driving to the nearest grocery store, mall, etc.
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  • drewsmom17drewsmom17 311 replies10 threads Member
    Thanks! Here’s our list so far but DS keeps revising his list. He is looking at CS/gaming/AI. High stats (35 ACT, 3.9/AP classes), 2 solid EC. Only adding because I know the schools are competitve! No awards or extra outstanding activities. Will need some type of aid because we’ll have 2 in at same time. We will be visiting family in SC, VA and PA along the way.

    Most of these are the only tour that day and include an overnight stay to see the area. Most tours have been scheduled through school website.

    NC State
    U of Del
    Syracuse-drive through on Sat after RPI
    RIT -side trip to Niagara on Sunday before tour on Monday
    Case Western
    OH State
    U if I/Urbana-drive through, he does not feel worthy of touring and saying he wants CS

    He wanted to see Stony Brook but I just couldn’t fit that drive in with their schedule.

    Good tip on umbrella! I need to remember to pack that. I am happy for any recommendations for things to do and see. He is a big fan of burgers and has been checking best places.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9192 replies92 threads Senior Member
    I dont know if your dates are set yet but if you can hit RPI on one of their summer open house days, I would highly recommend it. We thought it was fabulous.

    At Lehigh you can schedule an admissions interview in the summer as well.
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  • mackinawmackinaw 3040 replies54 threads Senior Member
    edited June 2018
    From our experience, visiting art schools in summer (between spring semester and summer school) isn't the best b/c there may not be much student art to inspect. Student art (from classes) gives a good sense of level of talent and approaches.

    In general, any dead time when school isn't in session doesn't reveal the vibe on campus, the interactions in coffee houses, classrooms, dorms, and other spaces.

    This said, you have to make do with the opportunities you have. If you hope to have your student meet with faculty, try to arrange in advance. Otherwise, make admissions office your first destination, for printed information, tours, advice about what to see and how to see it, and to "check in" (leave a marker -- your name, address, email).
    edited June 2018
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  • TexasCollegeMomTexasCollegeMom 208 replies49 threads Junior Member
    I have a different opinion on this. My daughter had great stats ( national merit, tons of AP credit and outstanding grades). She was mentally exhausted after three college visits. I tried to be her secretary to jot down ideas but she would shut down. Each kiddo is different. If you are needing merit or need-based financial aid, I recommend you doing lots of research in advance. Do a drive through to schools that are a reach-financially and focus your efforts on schools that will give the aid you need.
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  • wis75wis75 14336 replies64 threads Senior Member
    edited June 2018
    Your "across the Midwest" trip is very limited- you are skipping several excellent flagships. The cornfields of Illinois are not likely to impress and Ohio is only one of many states in the Midwest. Counting just the northern tier of the Midwest MN, WI, MI options you are omitting some of the top and nicest campuses for his interest in CS. Go west young man...
    edited June 2018
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  • drewsmom17drewsmom17 311 replies10 threads Member
    Thanks for all of the advice!! I really appreciate hearing from others because DS’s search is much more involved than his sisters! He has been researching like crazy and I’m passing along info to him. He loves the research and we have had several discussions.

    I do worry that he won’t get the whole picture without seeing it during the school year. If needed, we’ll fly out during the year to any final options. For the most part, we will drive in the day before the visit. Lehigh is an exception because my brother lives in Philly.

    @wis75 lol we live in NE state and have been making this drive since he was 4. I want him to go east!!! We will probably make him apply to UNL as a safety but he does not see his interest area in their program or career taking place here. He has MN and WI on his list and we’ll get to those during family visits to St. Paul and Chicago later. We visited MI State, his former fav, but he’s not sure about it anymore and doesn’t think U of MI will be a financial fit.
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  • thumper1thumper1 77166 replies3429 threads Senior Member

    OOS for Wisconsin...$50,000 a year.

    OOS for Minnesota 40,000 a year.

    Michigan is $62,000 but do you qualify for need based aid? They don’t guarantee to meet full need for all OOS students, but are moving closer to that! Maybe it would work financially if you qualify for need based aid.
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  • gardenstategalgardenstategal 6460 replies10 threads Senior Member
    I wouldn't ED anywhere without visiting while school is in session, but summer tours are fine (with comfy shoes.) At most schools, there will be some students on campus (doing research, heloping with csmps, giving tours!) so you may get lucky and get a little more of their time than you might during the school year. Schedule tours and interviews in advance!

    At most schools, the admissions department will have a list of good local eateries. One that was recommended on a summer tour is now a regular stop of ours on northbound trips. And I totally agree that it's less stressful if you stay the night before wherever you are touring in the morning. Much less stressful!
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  • swampdragginswampdraggin 278 replies0 threads Junior Member
    3 tips
    Many LACs and small universities will fell pretty quiet and hard to differentiate during the summer -especially because they will be very quiet with no extracurricular activities there or maybe summer camp programs - so just pay attention

    You are going to plan and plan and drive/fly and at some point you will arrive at a campus where you will say WOW and you kid will say "I dont even need to get out of the car here" Do not freak out and start saying I took all this time out and ... - no kid have ever changed his or her mind in the situation.
    I suggest " I hear you but we are here anyway - let's grab a quick lunch and get out of here and move on (maybe they want to explore more after lunch but this is highly unlikely) and then enjoy the next place.

    Don't say WE are looking at blah blah blah college - your child is going and your just a driver/guide - I dont know if you said those things I just remind everyone
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  • brentwoodmombrentwoodmom 250 replies10 threads Junior Member
    We are going to Virginia Tech and Tennessee in July. And then hopefully we are done. My son currently has a very short “apply” list, so I’m hoping he will like both of these.
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