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Should i take psychology in High School if I want to major in Neuroscience

idontwhistleidontwhistle 4 replies2 threads New Member
My school offers psychology with the community college every year. Now I'm a senior, and sure that I want to go into neuroscience. With college apps and 5 APs to worry about, is it worth taking? Is it important to let colleges know that I have taken courses related to neuroscience?
I've already taken AP Bio, AP Chem, and a few Biomedical Science classes, but none are specific to Neuroscience. I've also completed a handful of behavioral science and spent the summer working on a project about Brain metastases. I'm interested in Psychology, but I'm just worried that the timing is off. Do you think it'll make a big difference? I'm already a week in, and I can tell that it is demanding.
I'm being indecisive and need help. People are telling me to take it because I'm interested and it looks good. Others are advising that I don't take it because it might be too much (with college apps and such) and it won't make a difference on my application.
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Replies to: Should i take psychology in High School if I want to major in Neuroscience

  • MomonepalMomonepal 88 replies5 threads Junior Member
    AP is available in Nepal? Well didn't know that. In which School do you study?

    I hope someone who has the answer to your problem will find this thread.
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 7420 replies76 threads Senior Member
    This is not a crisis.

    You do not apply into a neuroscience major- you choose that after you get there. Colleges know that ~1/3 of students change from their proposed major once they get to college - and they *really* don't care.

    It will matter much, much, much more that you have good grades and good essays. Make your call based on what **you** can handle. The friends who are giving you advice are not the ones who have to do the work.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35293 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Psych isn't as important as the other core classes. A top college can review you based on what major you think, but that doesn't mean studying psych on a college level while in hs. Not everyone even gets a DE opp or is offered AP. What else you do matters.
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