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Chance me - UVA EA

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What are my chances for UVA?
BTW I'm an Asian female from a really competitive hs/area and I'm interested in Public Policy, Middle Eastern Studies, and Psychology. Highish income bracket and wouldn't get much aid. I'm in-state for UVA and I applied Early Action.

GPA: 3.85 UW 4.2 W
ACT: 35 one sitting
AP Scores: didn't submit any/put any on my common app...my counselor said not to and colleges apparently don't look at them that much but I'm worried
AP Classes: AP World (10), AP Chem, Calc AB, and Lang (11) (My school only lets kids take 1 AP their sophomore year then lets them take more junior year+)
Senior Year Classes: AP Physics 1, AP Calc BC, AP Gov, AP Stat, AP Art, Yearbook, Dual Enrollment English

Awards: GPA 4.0+ all four years, Girls State City Council Delegate, School Woman Scholar Athlete Award, Honor Societies (Art, Spanish, National), and #1 Voted poem on an online magazine

ECs: Started a club/nonprofit at my school (unique and different...I work with a lot of people in my community), started a jewelry business and all proceeds are donated towards gun reform, summer internship at law firm, one week internship at a district court in my city, captain for softball and golf team, tutor elem/middle school saudi arabian immigrant students, softball umpire, softball asst. coach, some other small clubs and volunteering at my church

Common App - unique and showed who has shaped me into who I am today
CAS prompt - very unique and well written
Optional Beta Bridge prompt - it's good and reflective but I would change some parts looking at it now

Teacher Recs:
English Teacher - i didn't read but she really likes me and said I was one of her most engaged and passionate writers. She wrote about a special instance in her class that really showcased my character and writing abilities
Spanish Teacher - i didn't read but I participated in a lot of things in the class and was her favorite lol
Counselor Rec - i didn't read but she knows me pretty well...might be generic tho

***I'm worried about my GPA and my lack of AP scores...they are on the lower side and i didn't even provide my ap scores
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