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Would you leave another tip?

conmamaconmama 4966 replies350 threads Senior Member
I had my FR carpet cleaned less than 2 weeks ago. Actually half of my FR since I left all my furniture and Christmas tree in place. They did 2 runners also. The minimum to come out is $99 and that includes 3 rooms. It’s owners operated and I gave a 20% tip, which I think was generous considering there wasn’t much to do.

So after this holiday I have 3 stains I can’t get out that are about 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. I called and asked if they could remove them and I just had them out. He said the minimum is $99, but since he was just out he would charge me $50.

I don’t feel like leaving a tip, would you?
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Replies to: Would you leave another tip?

  • jmnva06jmnva06 866 replies9 threads Member
    I would but I am a softie
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35380 replies399 threads Senior Member
    No. But next time, ask for some of the spot cleaning fluid thy use.
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  • conmamaconmama 4966 replies350 threads Senior Member
    Thanks! The credit card machine they use has a tip choice on it. I won’t leave one tomorrow,
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  • momofthreeboysmomofthreeboys 16651 replies66 threads Senior Member
    Interesting as I have never tipped carpet cleaners.
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18978 replies336 threads Senior Member
    Never tipped that type of service provider. Gutter cleaners? Nope. Window washers? Nope. Drapery cleaners? Nope.
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  • dentmom4dentmom4 1524 replies4 threads Senior Member
    No tipping here for these services, never heard of it. Plus, I thought in general you never tip the business owner.
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  • HImomHImom 36017 replies396 threads Senior Member
    Nope—I wouldn’t leave a tip—you were generous to give the 1st tip.
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  • sherpasherpa 4910 replies98 threads Senior Member
    People I tip :

    service people in restaurants
    massage therapists
    cab drivers
    motel and hotel cleaning people
    people who park my car.

    People I don’t tip:

    auto repair people
    grocery clerks
    the UPS driver
    my accountant
    window washers
    TSA employees
    carpet cleaners
    and many more
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  • Hello44Hello44 31 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I don't tip carpet cleaners, but I tip delivery men who bring who bring heavy stuff like appliances or furniture to the house. Is that common?
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  • LindagafLindagaf 10802 replies587 threads Super Moderator
    I think tipping is out of control and it’s getting to the point where everyone expects a tip. I’m also fed up with tips increasing astronomically. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that some professionals need to be tipped, especially servers, who make low wages. There is almost never a reason not to give a server a tip, and most of th time I tip 20%.

    I agree with @sherpa , and would add hairdressers to the list. These are all professions where tips have traditionally been expected. I never tip people who work at my house, such as a contractor, lawn service, etc... That’s why you get estimates or pay monthly fees. They should be quoting you a price that ensures they are paid reasonably for their services. However, on occasion, I tip people who have done an exceptional job on contracted jobs or who put in an inordinate amount of work.
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  • NEPatsGirlNEPatsGirl 2845 replies106 threads Senior Member
    ^It is especially important to tip anyone who gets a "special" wage of much less than minimum. Waitstaff, bartenders, bus boys, etc. in MA are paid $3.75/hour and the tips are their real income. They also must claim 10% (might be more now) of their total sales at the end of the night so the tips are not tax-free by any means. There are some businesses, generally locally-owned, that will pay their servers more per hour to keep good help in the off-season. I also believe the law dictates that a business must make up the difference between the tip income reported and minimum wage if the server doesn't make it.

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  • anomanderanomander 1877 replies4 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2018
    I did tip the guy who last cleaned our carpets, but he was an employee and not the owner. The rule of thumb is you don’t tip the owner of a business - their wages are what they’re already charging with profits built-in. If it’s not enough for them to live on without tips, they should charge more.
    edited December 2018
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  • SnLMomSnLMom 718 replies20 threads Member
    I never would have considered tipping a carpet cleaner before reading this thread. I would put them in the same category as lawn care, tree trimmer, appliance repairman, ... all of whom I do not tip.

    Does anyone tip their pet groomer? Does it make a difference if they work at a small, privately owned business vs. the grooming department of a chain pet store?
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3432 replies78 threads Senior Member
    I have never tipped carpet cleaners.

    I will tip restaurant staff, hairdressers, and pizza delivery, but that's about it. I haven't used cabs or valets in a while, but if I did, I would tip them.
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  • MaterSMaterS 1846 replies51 threads Senior Member
    I wouldn't tip a carpet cleaner.

    I live in a village where there are beautifully wrapped gifts on top of the garbage cans before Christmas. One on the trash can and another on the recycling bin.

    I stopped tipping hotel cleaning people. If the hotel is in a area with numerous 5-star high end hotels I think it is up to management to reward their top employees to maintain that level of service.
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18978 replies336 threads Senior Member
    I do tip dog groomers. And other people who "touch" you (or your dog) like manicurists, waxers, hair stylists and colorists, masseurs, etc.

    But not doctors and nurses. :))
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