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EFC with twins (1 using NMF scholarship)


Replies to: EFC with twins (1 using NMF scholarship)

  • twinsmamatwinsmama 1674 replies55 threads Senior Member
    I have twins at schools that meet need, and (unless your kids really want to go to very large universities) I highly recommend you research those colleges. Of course, in the end, they didn't all provide the same amount of aid, but the colleges my kids chose both came through with more aid when my husband had a major medical crisis that put him out of work for a while. It's a good feeling to know that your kids won't have to leave college if something drastic happens with your finances, and that is probably only possible with private, well-endowed schools. Anyway, it has worked out for us, and we are paying an amount that has been manageable so far. Only one of the kids had to take out modest loans as part of his FA package.
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  • TdoesCollegeTdoesCollege 141 replies0 threads Junior Member
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    @carmartwinmom Re: "printing" out NPC results: Please see if you can save as a pdf instead. (pdf is better than an image or screen shot) Create a subdirectory for each school to save this and related info in by school. (When a school is eliminated from your search, it's so easy to either delete the directory or move it to a different parent directory.) Otherwise it's so easy to get buried under piles of paper, which you will anyway with mailings from colleges.

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  • carmartwinmomcarmartwinmom 23 replies1 threads Junior Member
    U Wisc was the worst by far.

    The rest all seemed to fall within the $17,000 - $25,000 range. Some had a student loan and work portion worked in which lowered the EFC to around the $18K
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