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Your Teen/Under 21 Jobs

abasketabasket Registered User Posts: 18,903 Senior Member
This is something we were talking about at work today - our under age 21 jobs.

What jobs put some cash in your pocket?

For me:
Ice cream shop
Waitress at Pizza Hut
Temporary receptionist
Cafeteria worker (campus)
Telemarketer (VERY brief, I hated it and was awful at it!)
Grocery store cashier

Most loved: grocery store cashier (pushed cash register buttons back then!)
Most lucrative: Waitress - the tips were pretty good!
Most boring: temporary receptionist.

Be sure to list your "most" categories too. :)

Replies to: Your Teen/Under 21 Jobs

  • rosered55rosered55 Registered User Posts: 4,246 Senior Member
    House cleaner: hated it; quit after one day
    Paper girl
    Food service worker at CCRC
    Food service worker at college union
    Secretary at college union
    Typist (yep, I actually used a typewriter) of term papers and dissertations

    I liked the college union jobs. I have great and eternal respect for very hard and very soft ice cream.
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 73,887 Senior Member
    Me? From the Stone Age?

    I loved being a bar tender. The drinking age was 18 when I started college. I did this job for two years as a junior and senior in college...and made about twice as much working part time as I did my first year as a teacher.

    Waited tables. Liked that too.

    Camp counselor. Really didn’t love it mostly because the pay was horrible.

    I loved being an RA. I hated working in the dining hall. But the pay was good.

    I was an undergrad assistant to a professor, and it was really a fabulous job. In addition to loving the work, I also got a first class letter of reference from someone well known in my field.

    My kids...

    One was a lifeguard from age 16 on. Great pay and great job availability in this area. Great working conditions as well around here.

    Other kid waited tables...and really is good at it.

    College...one worked in undergrad admissions. Best payin job on campus.

    Second kid ushered for a major symphony orchestra...excellent pay plus free concerts. And hours were flexible.
  • conmamaconmama Registered User Posts: 3,943 Senior Member
    Shoe store sales clerk
    Rotary club server in college
    The gal who hands you a number when you enter the dressing room at large department store....so boring!
    Clothing sales clerk at Ups and Downs at the mall. (Does anyone remember those)
  • HarrietMWelschHarrietMWelsch Registered User Posts: 2,298 Senior Member
    edited January 22
    Fast food - hated it but did love the ready cash! Pushed buttons on that cash register for sure.
    Lifeguard - loved it. Easy work at an apartment complex mostly occupied by busy working adults (not much in the way of small kids or party people)
    Receptionist at visitor desk of hospital - loved it. Very, very rewarding.
    RA - loved it.
    Cocktail waitress! - allowed to serve in DC despite being underage. That one definitely had its ups and downs but the tips were outstanding.

    All three were (are) some version of camp counselor (S2 is still doing that.)
    D also worked in fast food and was an RA.
    D and S1 were both homework graders in college.
  • abasketabasket Registered User Posts: 18,903 Senior Member
    @conmama I always thought being a shoe clerk would be AWFUL! I would never have the patience for all the shoe boxes back and forth and helping people try on shoes. That sounds like my nightmare!

  • milgymfammilgymfam Registered User Posts: 328 Member
    One of my Ds is a gymnastics coach and the other works in a daycare center. They’re 17 and 15 years old.
  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 Registered User Posts: 4,259 Senior Member
    Me (also from the stone ages):
    Travel agency - filed brochures (boring)
    Stationary story clerk (LOVED)
    Babysitter - have many horrible stories to tell
    Grocery store cashier - hated
    Research assistant - best ever

    Babysitting (neutral)
    Jimmy Johns - LOVED
  • HarrietMWelschHarrietMWelsch Registered User Posts: 2,298 Senior Member
    Wow. Totally forgot babysitter, both for myself and for all three kids.

    It is absolutely, seriously a real job. I guess I was just thinking of the ones you have to go through an application process for.
  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner Registered User Posts: 37,451 Senior Member
    Best college job I had... chemistry lab assistant. My basic duty was to wash dishes, but because there weren't a whole lot of those, I got to do some research for the PI. Loved it. The summer after graduation from HS I worked as a laborer helping a small paint crew... did not like it. But I can paint my house! :)
  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone Registered User Posts: 20,276 Senior Member
    Worst: working at the potato farm, picking rocks and sticks and stinky potatoes off the belt before they were stacked in bins. 12-13 hour shifts on Saturdays or 4-5 after school. Talk about child abuse.

    Better: office work, babysitting, waitress, busgirl,
    College: typing in the Interlibrary Loan office, working at IBM parts ordering filing room (paid well), typing papers for others

    My nephews are 13. They started reffing baseball, soccer, and hockey last summer when they were 12. This past weekend one made $200 reffing mites hockey. Not bad for a 13 year old. I don't think they will every have to cut the grass or scoop ice cream or change a diaper for extra money.
  • MagnetronMagnetron Registered User Posts: 2,634 Senior Member
    Camp counselor for rich kids in the Catskills - hated it but the kids loved me. Their penchant for lies and manipulations were usually rebuffed and never mirrored back to them.
    Waiter at a hotel, Poconos - loved this. It was hard work, 6 days/week, but about 60% were female college students there for the summer. Made $300-1000/week, clear in the bank, had our own staff bar and area at the lake.
    OPC - handed out time-share pamphlets. Sorry, I needed the money.
    Waiter, Italian restaurant Cape Cod - Good money again and it should have been the best summer, but invited my then girlfriend and it was a disaster from the start.

    Grocery store clerk
    Warehouse delivery driver for industrial supply

    Doggy day care place.

    S2 -
    Float tube rentals at the river - he loved when, say, a girls select soccer team came through, but the usual was a bunch of dirty, sloppy drunks
  • conmamaconmama Registered User Posts: 3,943 Senior Member
    edited January 22
    @abasket , it would be a nightmare now. In high school I loved it. Every single part of it. I liked the boxes, the orderliness of the stockroom. I enjoyed helping people with their shoes (I’m not sure that’s done anymore). I would hate it now. Shoes are so easy to sell, they really sell themselves. I liked how easy it was to ring up and just put in a bag. No folding, no putting on hangars, no gift wrapping. The store was privately owned and we were just like a family. I think of was the happiest job and time Spent at work I ever had.

    With the discount, I had awesome footwear.
  • bajammbajamm Registered User Posts: 1,459 Senior Member
    Paper delivery girl while in junior high/9th grade, including collections. I did half of our small town and my younger sister did the other half. The town bar was on my sister's half. My dad made her give me that delivery, as if it was better for a 12 year old to go into the bar instead of a 9 year old. It was 3 pm, no customers were there except occasionally someone getting a coke.

    baby sitting

    janitorial after transferring to my LAC. I liked this one, except I had to be at work at 5 am to wipe boards before the first class started. Notes were to be left on the boards overnight in case a student wanted to come into the classroom to look at them again or for the first time if they missed class.

    I was the student manager of the food service while in my master's program. I did the student payroll and student worker schedules. I also worked some meals. Because of this I could eat for free whenever the food service was open. I did not have keys so I could not go in when it was closed, and it was closed on weekends, so on campus students (and me) had to figure out something else for the weekends. This was where I met my H, he was one of the student workers. We started out just being aware of each other's existence. After a 7 months or so he asked if I would work for him so he could study before a big test. Our boss made him take me to a dinner and movie as a thank you and here we are almost 30 years later. I started out just being happy for the extra hours and bigger paycheck.
  • 4kids4us4kids4us Registered User Posts: 458 Member
    High School:
    Counter Help - Italian Restaurant (loved this job! Hired me back during all my college breaks also)
    Hostess - Deli/Restaurant at the beach
    Waitress - Local Restaurant (HATED being a waitress!!)

    Office Work for small architectural firm in Manhattan during school year
    Summer Internship at Dept of Navy in Crystal City - BORING!

    Summer Nanny - best paid!
    Ice Cream Shop - she hated this job!
    Analyst for global risk management firm - originally a summer job after freshman year, she still works remotely for them at school

    Lacrosse Tournament Staff (LONG days but well paid)
    Landscaping Crew - Private Golf Course (had to be there at 5am every day but he did it two summers!) Course is closed next summer for long term maintenance so he'll be doing something else this summer

    S21 definitely needs to find a job this summer as he was bored out of his mind last year. D23 is too young for a real job but makes decent money babysitting. She has been going to camp every summer and this year will be her last as a camper, next summer she will be a CIT and then wants to be a camp counselor as soon as she is eligible.
  • MaterSMaterS Registered User Posts: 1,779 Senior Member

    Coat check. I made far more $$ than the people waiting tables.


    Software QA. You just need good English skills. $17 to $20 per hour.
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