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Which major should I choose from these 2? Please help me

DerpthuluDerpthulu 206 replies56 threads Junior Member
Hello, I have to make decision between 2 universities and 2 majors!

It is between :

University of Amsterdam (Economics & Business Economics major, which is pretty quantitative/math-heavy, I am planning to specialize in Finances, and choose Data Science as Minor)

Maastricht University (Data Science & Knowledge Engineering), but course pace is sonic-like, It is not really designed for people who don't know how to code (although they advertise it as it is) I really need to become excellent at coding if I choose this major. (before September) So this is why I am bit hesitant to choose this major, studying in any dutch research university is a hell trust me, you barely have time to go out, so this major scares me even more.

My goal is to work in Data Science market~ I want to be a "Data Scientist", I already know basic coding and I am improving on it day by day. I really want to become a data Scientist and work in this market!

Now my question is, is it a must to do Major in Data Science? Do you think doing Economics as major and having data science as minor is enough? Please let me know your opinion

Thanks in advance

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Replies to: Which major should I choose from these 2? Please help me

  • b@r!um[email protected]!um 10275 replies175 threads Senior Member
    I think you might be a bit too scared of Maastricht. If you have a knack for the kind of thinking that coding requires, you can pick up the requisite skills pretty quickly. (And if you don't have a knack for coding, you probably won't like a programming career, whether as a data scientist or otherwise.)

    For example, I went into my first computer science course with no programming background whatsoever. Four months later I had written my own jump-and-run computer game, complete with sound and graphics. The class was taught decidedly slower than that - but the students who didn't outpace the class on their own eventually all dropped the CS major because the work just wasn't "fun" for them.

    As another example, I now work as a data analyst. My company fills entry-level positions with college graduates from quantitative non-technical majors (like math or physics) with limited programming experience. We teach them a programming language and some software engineering basics in the first month on the job. Part of our hiring process is a formal logic test. We have found that most applicants who ace the logic test can learn to code very quickly even with no prior experience.

    My advice would be to choose the major that interests you most. That way, you won't have regrets later. What's the worst that could happen - that you'll drop your first major and start another program a year later?
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  • DerpthuluDerpthulu 206 replies56 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2019
    @[email protected]!um Actually, I went to Maastricht already, but dropped out right at the end of Semester 1. Looking back at program now, I am not scared that much, because I am familiar with it and almost got hand of Coding! but I am afraid, that I won't be able to make it if I enroll again! that is why I am reconsidering it, however I know semester 1 now and will help me for the next academic year. I like my major and coding. Do you think I am overreacting? Maybe it is not that scary, and I can make it!? Because data science & AI is definitely what I want to do.
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