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Chance me for Andover/Exeter/Choate

kafkatamurakafkatamura 10 replies1 threads New Member
White male living in New England.
SSAT: 2376 (99th percentile) Reading: 800 (99th) Verbal: 800 (99th) Math: 776 (85th)
Grades: I attend a local but pretty good private school. In 7th and 8th I averaged around a 3.75 but for the first semester of freshman year I have a 4.03. My school doesn't offer any advanced classes for 9th graders, but I am in Biology Honors currently. I have all 4s and 5s out of 5 in effort. I have As in everything but History, in which I have an A+.
Extracurriculars: Quiz/History/Academic Bowl: Led team to 5th and 3rd at the two MS nationals last year and during regular season set two of the top 3 all time scoring records. Individually: 3rd and 2nd in the USA in 7th and 8th grades, second in the world at history at the International History Olympiad, National Humanities Champion, and I was the captain in 7th and 8th grades of my middle school team. I play on the high school A team and have led the team in scoring for every tournament this year. We have finished 1st, 4th, 5th, and 9th in one of the hardest circuits in the USA, and I have soloed two (5th, 9th) as a freshman playing against teams of upperclassmen. I also row, though I have taken some time off during the winter, but my coach's assessment sheet was quite favorable, and I submitted it. I volunteer about two times a week at a local tennis program, in which I tutor kids. I also participate in theatre and have been doing plays and musicals since third grade (I've gotten mostly leads and supporting roles). I recently took up Model UN, but have only been to one conference.
Recommendations: English: Probably pretty good
Math: Great
Personal: the teacher I sent the request to described the recommendation as "glowing", so not worried
Principal: I had my dean who loves me do it so probably great.
Special Interest: my Quiz Bowl coach did it, and it was probably pretty good
Writing Sample: I got an A+ and the comments were good. I was proud of the essay I wrote.
Essays: I edited and edited, so I think the overall effort worked out.
Interviews: Choate went pretty well, but was probably the worst of the three because it was the first. Andover went really well -the interviewer and I had a great conversation then my parents and him spent extra time chatting about tennis. Exeter went really well also, and the interviewer enjoyed me a lot.
I will not need financial aid.
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Replies to: Chance me for Andover/Exeter/Choate

  • CaliPopsCaliPops 387 replies3 threads Member
    Sounds like you have a solid chance. Good luck.
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  • CaliMexCaliMex 2248 replies35 threads Senior Member
    You have strong stats, ECs, and can pay the tuition. I have a feeling you'll have choices next month!
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  • HappyCriaHappyCria 103 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Greetings to fellow Olympian! Your ECs and stats are great, which gives you a solid advantage. However, it really depends on the application pool this year.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11542 replies153 threads Senior Member
    @kafkatamura : If I read your post correctly, you are a current 9th grader applying for the 10th grade (fourth form) at these listed boarding schools.

    I think that as a full pay student with superior academics who has a well rounded profile (rowing & theater & other ECs which include public speaking & collaborative teamwork), that you should receive acceptances provided that your teacher recs indicate that you are mature, disciplined & self-motivated.
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