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Empire star "assault" story falling apart.


Replies to: Empire star "assault" story falling apart.

  • Nrdsb4Nrdsb4 Registered User Posts: 16,443 Senior Member
    I'm confused. Two Nigerian brothers were not only using homophobic slurs, but they were also using racist terminology? And one of the brothers has appeared on the same show as the victim?

    This is just bizarre.
  • threebeansthreebeans Registered User Posts: 571 Member
    I think it's a hoax too. Chicago is a very liberal city - it's probably more dangerous to wear a MAGA hat than it is to be a gay black man.
  • skieuropeskieurope Super Moderator Posts: 41,029 Super Moderator
    edited February 15
    Per the rules of the forum:
    College Confidential is not a debating society.

    Users should state their position once, defend it once, and then move on. I'll add the following exceptions - state once (with no rebttal allowed) that it was/was not a hoax or that there was/was not a MAGA hat or what {in your opinion) will happen if one wears a MAGA hat in Chicago.
  • TatinGTatinG Registered User Posts: 6,333 Senior Member
    Can a false police report be a hate crime in a situation like this?
  • rosered55rosered55 Registered User Posts: 4,288 Senior Member
    I agree that reporting to the police a crime that did not occur is bad. But I sense that some of the people on this thread are discussing this situation not because of their concern about false reports of crime but because they think or want to convince others that hate crimes do not occur. It is clear: hate exists, hate crimes take place.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 40,078 Senior Member
    edited February 15
    Didn't it take place at a time when Chicago police asked criminals to kindly avoid getting outside for their usual business due to the extreme cold and to avoid having to send officers out?

    There are cameras everywhere in Chicago. You'd have to be stupid and unaware of cameras to stage something under cameras.

    Liquid thrown at you isn't that rare - it's one of the most common forms of aggression in London along with knife wounds. Yesterday and today there were incidents in Paris, where it's pretty new. I'm guessing Chicago crime is a bit more hip than Paris crime. The only surprising thing was the noose, as this would imply targeting with intent and planning, whereas the liquid throwing crimes are either of the spurnned lover who wants to disfigure or random crime. So the two aspects don't match, but creative criminals do exist.
    Attacks against gay people or black people shouldn't surprise anyone - that a Black gay man was attacked isn't in and of itself suspicious.
    (Note that in Nigeria attacking an out gay man would be considered normal, not a crime.)
    In fact, all elements COULD be true just as they could be staged. It's disheartening that we should even discuss the possibility that this might be a lie, because advocates have had such a hard time making everyone aware of the severity of hate crimes.(I still remember a police officer explaining that minorities attracted hate crimes, if they behaved hate crimes wouldn't exist, proof, Asians being the model minority were never the victims of hate crimes. .... Let all of those things sink in. I wonder if I still have my notes as I think one day they could be artifacts sold at an auction depicting backward barbarians of the past.... Gays attracting criminals because they're gay and their appearance/behavior is in itself a provocation was also commonly believed. I'm not talking in the dark ages, I'm talking in the 1990s.)
    Because hate crimes exist, are on the rise, are so difficult to denounce and prove and prosecute, if this is a hoax I sure hope they all get charged and obviously Smolett's career is toast.
    The fact Empire is standing behind him is positive for him and as a sign that it's not a hoax.
    Also, WHY in the world would he do that? He's got top billing as a star on a super popular TV show, he's achieved "the dream" for all actors. There's no motivation for a staged attack.
  • momo2x2018momo2x2018 Registered User Posts: 563 Member
    edited February 15
    He has refuted reports claiming he told police his attackers wore Make America Great Again hats.
    However, given he did state his assailants were white, this statement might appear a little racist:

    ".....I don't need some MAGA hat as the cherry on some racist sundae." :)) :))
  • HannaHanna Registered User Posts: 14,834 Senior Member
    "I hoped I was wrong, but something was not sitting well with this story."

    Lifelong Chicagoan here. It was super extremely mega cold that night from the perspective of native-born Chicagoans. 9 below zero is not normal here. There is a lot less street crime on dangerously cold nights like that. Muggers don't want frostbite, either. People committing hate crimes for fun, as opposed to people trying to make their money from street crime, wouldn't usually pick that kind of night.

    Also, downtown Chicago is positively plastered with security cameras. To exit a vulnerable late-night business like a Subway and get pulled into a beating within camera blind spots sounds like extraordinary bad luck. Not impossible, just surprising.

    So I don't know what happened, but those two things immediately stuck me as weird. I'm a bedwetting liberal, if that matters.
  • Nocreativity1Nocreativity1 Registered User Posts: 836 Member
    edited February 15
    @Hanna regrettably I am I the same unfamiliar spot...

    If the alleged victim is to be believed the crime is neither opportunistic or random. As he describes the event it would have to be a well planned and target specific hate crime. Random violence is prevalent and unfortunately so are general acts of hate. A violent hate crime targeting a specific individual such as this however is extremely rare.

    Specifically the assailants would have had to pre purchase and bring rope and bleach. Additionally they would have had to follow and target the alleged victim otherwise how did they know his sexual orientation.

    It seems extremely far fetched to think that two individuals specifically identified this individual well in advance, planned things out, pre purchased the tools required, engaged in active surveillance and decided to execute their plan on a sub zero degree night at 2am all while avoiding video surveillance.

    My sympathy goes out to any and all victims of violence or hate. I fully appreciate the need to assume victims are truthful, and the horrible reality that hate crimes continue to plague our country . This case however seemed implausible from the outset.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 40,078 Senior Member
    ^ to be fair the actor is very famous for his role and his being gay is well known. So, far from"active surveillance", they wouldn't have had to do very much at all to recognize him, follow him, and decide to attack him because he's gay.
    Deciding that liquid attacks on a subzero night is a good idea is something else.
  • Nocreativity1Nocreativity1 Registered User Posts: 836 Member
    edited February 15
    ^They would have had to find him in the first place. On a night that cold he wouldn't be that easy to spot and once again not everyone has bleach and rope on their person. It was 2am. The perpetrators would have had to follow him for some time or known his behavioral patterns. That's what I meant be surveillance.

    Far from random.

    There certainly is a lot of hate in the world...but that is a very specific and effort intensive expression of hate if accurate.
  • busdriver11busdriver11 Registered User Posts: 15,091 Senior Member
    The fact Empire is standing behind him is positive for him and as a sign that it's not a hoax.

    Also, WHY in the world would he do that? He's got top billing as a star on a super popular TV show, he's achieved "the dream" for all actors. There's no motivation for a staged attack.

    That makes no sense. The people at Empire are standing behind him because it is the safest thing for them to do, to support someone who says he was a victim. Why would this be a sign it's not a hoax? How could they possibly know? It would be idiotic for them to state they did not believe and support him before the results of a police investigation.

    Why does anyone perpetuate a hoax? They think they can get away with it, they crave more attention (and some actors can never get enough), they want to be seen as heroic or desire victim status. People do all sorts of things that make no sense to others. Smollett claims to be a huge critic of "45" and that's why this happened to him....maybe he had political aspirations. Who knows.

    Then again, he might not have been in on the plan. Perhaps he didn't recognize these were his workout buddies, that they were black, and perhaps they don't have Nigerian accents. Or maybe these men were arrested for something else. I found the picture of their apartment kind of weird, all that bleach and piles of boxes with merchandise. Perhaps their arrests were because of other criminal activity and is totally unrelated to this hate crime.
  • yourmommayourmomma Registered User Posts: 1,189 Senior Member
    The nicer neighborhoods in Chicago have "roaming gangs of thugs." Most of the crime is robbery -- cell phones, wallets, and the like. It's not an every hour occurrence, but happens enough to be cautious. But even the thugs disappear on the cold nights. And the thugs aren't generally MAGA people. He also had what looked like a perfectly wrapped subway sandwich in his hand after the attack? But who knows anything in this day and age of "fake" news.
  • HannaHanna Registered User Posts: 14,834 Senior Member
    “The nicer neighborhoods in Chicago have "roaming gangs of thugs."“

    That’s news to me as someone who’s lived and worked in those neighborhoods since 2002. Of course people in all urban areas learn to be cautious about their purse/wallet/cell phone, but I have never worried about any roaming gangs, and I walk around at night all the time. I rarely hear about muggings in my neighborhood a couple of miles from the site of this incident, but when I have, the suspects work solo or occasionally in pairs. It doesn’t make any financial sense to use large groups to rob individuals; you’d have to split the proceeds of one wallet 5 or 6 ways.
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