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How to improve my SAT Reading and Writing score (international student)?

shayan81shayan81 16 replies14 threads Junior Member
I am an international student from a none English speaking country.
I have SAT on March 9 and I have read Erica Meltzer books (Both reading and grammar ), SAT prep BlackBook ,and Barrons New SAT book.
I started doing college board practice test and I score near 800 in math section and 600-650 in Reading and Writing section .I try hard but I can't improve my Reading and Writing score. I want to improve it by at least 130 points and my biggest problem is with older passages How can I improve my score?
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Replies to: How to improve my SAT Reading and Writing score (international student)?

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 8702 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Keep doing practice test problems but also read as many books, magazines, and newspapers in English that you can get your hands on! That will help with context, idioms, etc.....
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  • shayan81shayan81 16 replies14 threads Junior Member
    edited February 2019
    I read alot and I can answer none literature passages pretty well (1 or 2 mistake per passage) but I am really bad at literature passages .What should I do?
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  • Wood5440Wood5440 394 replies1 threads Member
    If you still have the literature practice sections you've taken, you should analyze the questions you missed to see why you missed them. You may be able to identify one or two mistakes you tend to make. If so, you can focus on that type of question or that type of wrong answer choice and learn what you need to know in order to get those questions right in the future. Literature requires you to make inferences more frequently than in other modes of writing (exposition, argumentation), so I'd look there first. If you don't have the past practice sections, take practice tests focusing on the literature sections and analyze your answers there. Also, the answer explanations in practice books are often too brief to really explain why you missed some questions. It helps to be able to go to someone who can take time to make sure you understand why you chose the wrong answer and why the right answer is right.
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