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Chance me RD?

mm11897mm11897 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
Thank you in advance!

Asian female from Fredericksburg, VA (Title I school district). Full IB diploma student. Transferred schools after sophomore year to do IB program.

Academic interest: International Relations/Economics
GPA: 3.91 weighted
Rank: 45/246
SAT: 1460 (790 reading, 670 math)

Senior course Load: IB Biology, IB Music, IB Spanish, IB TOK, IB History, IB Literature, AP Stats, Economics/Personal Finance (graduation requirement course)

Youth run arts/music nonprofit (10th-12th) - served as president, booking manager, and communications director. Booked concerts for nationally touring bands.
Quizbowl (9th-12th) - captain and top point-scorer in the region (senior year)
Orchestra (9th-12) - section leader for two years, arranged pieces performed by 100+ players
SCA (9th, 11th, 12th) - class president (freshman year), executive president (senior year)
DECA (9th-12th) - president (senior year) 4x district winner, 3x state finalist (2nd in the state in accounting)
various theater stuff (10th, 12th) - played in pit orchestra for school musical sophomore year, stage managed a musical for a local community theater senior year.
Model UN (10th, 12th) - started team at new school senior year
NHS (11th-12th) - president (senior year)

Job Experience:
Dipper at an ice cream shop junior-senior year
Server in a Chinese restaurant summer of junior year

Decent essay, good recs
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Replies to: Chance me RD?

  • locococomamalocococomama 61 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @mm11897 you look like a strong candidate. The only question would be your GPA, but you did not include your unweighted, so it is hard to tell. If Colgate is your top choice, I would suggest changing to ED II with them (you can do so until March 1). They do rolling admissions and you get answers soon after your application file is complete. It's an amazing school. My son and I came away 100% committed (my financially, him academically) after our visit. The problem with all of the highly selective school is that there is no "safe" applicant that can be sure, so if you really want Colgate, switch to ED and you'll know your direction for next year very quickly and up your odds of getting in by a lot.
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  • moneypmoneyp 774 replies19 threadsRegistered User Member
    you have 50-50 chance for rd. if you want to increase your chances, go for ed2.
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  • Luke123456Luke123456 87 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Academic interest:Bio
    GPA: 4.3 weighted
    SAT: 1410
    National Merit Finalist
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  • locococomamalocococomama 61 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @Luke123456 You seem like a solid candidate. Did you put your SAT score in their correctly? National Merit Finalist average around 1470-1500, depending on the state on the PSAT and usually at least get that on the SAT. You didn't give enough info, but if your ECs, leadership, essays and LORs are solid, you have a pretty good chance. Had I seen this earlier, I would have recommended EDII to increase your odds.
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  • Luke123456Luke123456 87 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    thanks for the input,
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