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Son weighing 4 Schools


Replies to: Son weighing 4 Schools

  • SybyllaSybylla 4918 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Are these his only choices? No lower cost schools in the mix at all?
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  • CardinalBobcatCardinalBobcat 165 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Has your son had a chance to visit each of these schools? If not, now is the time, and it's definitely worth the expense! I've been to the Santa Clara and Fordham campuses, and they (the campuses and the universities) are VERY different from each other. I would imagine Gonzaga and LMU are "equally different" as well. The weather differences alone are worth considering. I think @bluebayou makes a good point about the value of going cross-country for college. If your son hasn't visited, he may find that he has a strong preference after spending time at each school. Good luck with his decision!
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  • 4Gulls4Gulls 572 replies0 threads Member
    As others have said, all fine choices. Was he accepted to Rose Hill (Arts & Sciences, etc.) or Gabelli (business)? While you can switch, it's better to start in the one that makes most sense for you. as @cptofthehouse suggested, check policies on changing colleges/majors at each school. Additionally, will he get credit for any AP courses he took in high school? This can give a kid some flexibility in picking a schedule and also save you some $$$.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83407 replies741 threads Senior Member
    Is it correct that Gonzaga would require no loans, but the others would require parent loans as well as student loans (except maybe Fordham with student loans and a stretch amount of student work earnings in the summer and part time in the school year)?
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  • calmomcalmom 20882 replies168 threads Senior Member
    It doesn't make any sense to take on significant parental debt for a student who is unsure of major -- especially for an undergrad business major. That is, it's not as if the student has his heart set on a specialized program offered only at the pricier school. If he shifts focus down the line, it's going to be easier to go from a health sciences focus toward a business focus, as opposed to the other way around. Go for Gonzaga or Fordham. Taking on unneeded debt now would potentially undermine options down the line.
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  • ProfessorPlum168ProfessorPlum168 4184 replies92 threads Senior Member
    can your kid commute to SCU? That would knock off $15K.
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  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama 84343 replies1049 threads Forum Champion
    All are very fine schools.

    I wouldn’t borrow $100k for SCU when you have other fine choices.

    is he locked into those majors at those schools?

    I would choose either Gonzaga or Loyola Marymount.

    For Pre-PT, and of those schools are fine. There’s really no such thing as a “pre-PT program”. It’s just regular classes that a student needs to take to meet the prereqs for a DPT school later.

    Since they all have sports programs, the student can get jobs or volunteer for a team to get the hours needed for PT school.

    Also...since DPT school is also expensive and you’ll probably want to help him a bit with that, doesn’t make sense to borrow $100k for SCU (even tho it’s a very good school)

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  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama 84343 replies1049 threads Forum Champion
    Also, does he have any classmates/friends that are considering any of these schools?
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30394 replies59 threads Senior Member
    It all depends upon the family financial situation and how onerous it would be to pay for one school vs another. For a family already struggling to get by, with little or no retirement planning in place, for the parents to co-sign loans or tame PLUS, would be a bad move IMO. Also, taking on a second job that jeopardizes health, moving to a dangerous neighborhood have risks that are not worth it to me There are parents who take on jobs like cleaning house, moving furniture and such that are strenuous and everyone brags about it like it’s such a noble thing to do, but it appalls me that when such a thing happens, especially when a decent affordable option is available. It has to really be worth it. I wouldn’t have had my parents do such a thing. And if I had, I’d have regretted it l, as my dad died shortly after I finished college. I did not cause him extra stress those last years in terms of making ends meet, physical work, or depletion of funds, quality of life.

    I frankly do not feel that the differences that these schools offer are worth the difference in cost if money is at all an issue
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  • readthetealeavesreadthetealeaves 781 replies14 threads Member
    Hi @Momkey 4 great choices but where did he ultimately commit to?
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  • scorekeeper1scorekeeper1 133 replies1 threads Junior Member
    We are in SoCal and my D17 applied to and was accepted to three of those 4--LMU, Fordham and SCU as a business major for all, as well as some other schools. Her final 2 were between SCU and Fordham Rose Hill, and she visited both of them. We visited both and she liked the atmosphere at Fordham better and that is where she chose. Congratulations on some great choices, please update on what he picked.
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