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Wharton competitiveness?

neddyman_neddyman_ 3 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 10 New Member
Is it true that Wharton lives up to the hype of being extremely cutthroat and competitive, every man for themselves type of environment?
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Replies to: Wharton competitiveness?

  • Penn95Penn95 2283 replies78 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,361 Senior Member
    @neddyman_ not really, this aspect is way overhyped. First off the material isn't that hard, the curve is not super easy but by no means brutal and (most) people, while competitive, are not aholes or unwilling to help out and form friendships. People aren't any different than other high-ahcieving, competitive students at other ivies and elites. Also there is a sense that there are enough resources and opportunities for everyone so that helps a bit with the competitiveness factor.
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  • MorningsiderMorningsider 91 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 91 Junior Member
    As a teacher, I'd say the competition isn't deadly in the sense of students stabbing each other in the back, but the majority of the students work incredibly hard, obsess about their grades, and vie for internship and FT slots at top employers.
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  • aj725aj725 564 replies36 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 600 Member
    It's competitive but not in a mean, cut throat way on a daily basis. Like if you miss class, someone WILL share their notes. People study with their friends even when they don't have to (i.e. aside from group projects). No one is trying to sabotage -- if you ask a classmate in finance a question about something substantive -- people WILL discuss it and it's not like they're going to try to give you the wrong info so you learn it the wrong with.

    It's competitive big picture though. The curve will limit you to 20-25% As in most classes. Everyone is trying to make sure THEY are in that 20-25% in every class. So it's this constant culture of outworking the other guy (and bragging non stop about it). And then it's about getting the "right" internships since day 1 (really since soph year) so that you can position yourself the best for the best job in junior year on campus recruiting (traditionally Goldman or McKinsey depending on your interests but now Google/tech is in there too at least for some kids), so that company then hires you post-graduation and you walk back into senior year with a FT offer secured. So yeah people are CONSTANTLY comparing notes and bragging about internships/jobs also, and going to various presentations held by these big companies and trying to outdo each other to schmooze with the 22 year old analyst or 25 year old associates Goldman has sent on campus for the event. But as much as it doesn't feel like it at the time, you CAN be in Wharton and make friends and run your own race and STILL get one of these coveted jobs -- it just doesn't feel like it because when everyone starts openly bragging/competing, you feel like you must do that to succeed as well.
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