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2016 and beyond wedding moms and dads


Replies to: 2016 and beyond wedding moms and dads

  • oldfortoldfort 23511 replies308 threads Senior Member
    edited May 2019
    @rom828 - I am divorced also. My kid didn't want to invite their dad's SO to the wedding and he wasn't too happy about it. I was concerned it would be awkward, but both of us walked her down the aisle, everyone was on their best behavior and everything went off without any drama. I did everything I could to be pleasant, which included keeping any negativity out whenever I had to interact with my ex because it was all about my D that weekend. I think if your ex were to come, mostly likely he will behave and be there for your daughter. I was very apprehensive before the wedding, so I know how you feel.
    edited May 2019
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  • rom828rom828 1476 replies42 threads Senior Member
    Thank you @oldfort. I followed your story and all others where parents behaviors are uncertain. It’s my S who is getting married and is inviting his dad with few expectations. I can only hope that he comes and it’s a non event. I would have never guessed I’d have this concern. People do change.
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  • MarianMarian 13230 replies83 threads Senior Member
    That's hysterical, @doschicos. Thanks for sharing it.
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  • momjrmomjr 2198 replies8 threads Senior Member
    I'm glad things are going well so far, @powercropper. I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.
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  • taskmstrxtaskmstrx 131 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @doschicos - thanks for the laugh
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  • daylily1daylily1 48 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Good luck and weather to all of today's weddings!
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  • stradmomstradmom 5236 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Wedding in less than a month. I am determined that our next phone call focuses on positive thoughts, other activities, and never even once brings up that recurring point of contention.

    Also, feeling like a failure for the lack of weight loss.
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  • bookwormbookworm 9295 replies74 threads Senior Member
    Power cropper, I’m so happy all went even better than expected.

    I have no idea about the cake, other than to wrap it a few times and put in 2 freezer bags.
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  • thumper1thumper1 78502 replies3537 threads Senior Member
    @powercropper it sounds wonderful.

    We have the top layer of the cake in a Tupperware container in our freezer. I’m quite sure it’s going to be fine whenDD and SIL get here at the same time...in July...to have it. Ours is a square container...about 8x8 and about 6 inches high.
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  • HouseChatteHouseChatte 1289 replies2 threads Senior Member
    @powercropper congratulations!
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  • HouseChatteHouseChatte 1289 replies2 threads Senior Member
    @stradmom be kind to yourself :smile:
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35421 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Agree you need to wrap the cake tight and use bags. You don't want moisture to accumulate on the cake.
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  • downtoearthdowntoearth 3415 replies19 threads Senior Member
    congratulations power cropper m so glad you enjoyed it and it all went so well!!!
    D shower was today. I planned it and was nervous but the bridesmaids and MOG really helped. It was lovely. People told me I should do event planning. I would have done a few things differently ,but overall it was great.
    Ordered invites today.
    I too wish I lost more weight
    I broke a toe yesterday. Ugh. Only dark spot.
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