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What are my chances of getting into the University of Washington?

abbafahabbafah 10 replies6 threads Junior Member
I have 0 AP’s for junior year (I took physiology because I would prefer to challenge myself for a passion that challenge myself just because) I’m taking AP psych over the summer though. Most of my extracurriculars include choir, however I work a part time job. I got a 1320 on the SAT and am going to retake it one more time in the fall before I submit my applications. I have a 3.95 weighted GPA (not including my AP psych grade since I don’t have it yet) and a 3.89 unweighted (again not including AP Psych) I really want to get into this school. What are my chances/What can I do to improve my chances?
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Replies to: What are my chances of getting into the University of Washington?

  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
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    Does your school rank? If so, what's your rank? If not, what's about the highest W GPA someone in your school can get? Does your school have Naviance or something like it? If so, check that.

    Before I see the aforementioned info, I'm going to assume your W GPA is definitely not as high as it can be. Your UW GPA looks good though. Your SAT is definitely low for WUSTL. I would recommend trying to get it to a 1420+ but preferably a 1500+ to compensate for your W GPA. Have you tried the ACT? If not, maybe take a few practice tests and see how you do.

    It doesn't look great if you didn't take APs/Hs, especially if your schools offers a lot of them.

    If you want to improve your chances, take APs senior year, get your test score up, write killer essays, and try to apply ED. WUSTL loves demonstrated interest, so try to visit, interview on campus, and connect with your AO on email and in person. If you have the chance to visit and interview, I'd definitely recommend reaching out to your AO and telling them you'll be there and that you'd love to say hi.

    I'll leave you with this: you are clearly intelligent, and your stats are in no way bad. They're actually GOOD!!! WUSTL is just a top school and you'll be competing with top students. I went through the admissions process in my senior year and it was awful. I ended up somewhere I didn't want to be, but I ended up loving my experience there. Due to the wrong academic fit, however, I ended up applying to transfer for fall 2019. I ended up getting into several amazing schools, including WUSTL. I'll be headed to my dream school in the fall. I just wanted to leave you with this note to show you that:

    1. Admissions is a crapshoot and they're looking for different things every year
    2. there are different ways of getting to the school you want to be at
    3. this admissions process in no way defines you. You and your actions define you

    Even though your chances are WUSTL aren't the best (unless you're in the top 10% of your class), don't be discouraged from applying because they do admit people like you every year.

    Good luck! Don't forget to slow down, breathe, relax, and spend time with your family and friends

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  • cameo43cameo43 1700 replies31 threads Senior Member
    The OP is talking about University of Washington in WA state, not Wash U in St. Louis.
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  • abbafahabbafah 10 replies6 threads Junior Member
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    Hey, may be the wrong college but this is really good advice :) thank you !
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  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
    Just noticed. Not sure how I overlooked that. Sorry, haha
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