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My college life is boring

Arbor621Arbor621 1 replies3 postsRegistered User New Member
At the time of this post, I have been attending the University of Michigan Dearborn for 2 year. Since I entered in the fall of 2016, I have noticed how boring the University is, and how lifeless the student life is. For one, Dearborn is a commuter school, so many of the students don't live on campus, and considering how the housing, the Union as it is callled is in poor condition, no one sees a reason to live their. Plus, the clubs, societies, and other events are also boring and are not fun as well. I would say that the student body isn't bad, but even they don't seem all that excited.

While I have been focusing on my studies, getting internships and co-ops, and having fun outside of college, inside of college me and other students don't seem to have much of a college experience at all. I assume UofM Dearborn was always like this and refuses to change,

Any thoughts about my discussion and for anyone who has attended UOFM Dearborn, what was your experience like.
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  • RoneiDaselvaRoneiDaselva 0 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Hello friends, I am a college student, my name is Ruhee. My college life has been very boring for some time now. Because there are neither good people nor good teachers in college nor do they come to learn or teach. Now I am getting bored in college
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  • GoatGirl19GoatGirl19 299 replies4 postsRegistered User Member
    My college life was boring by a lot of standards too—did band and orchestra but my only good friends were my boyfriend and my standmate from band. If you don’t “click” with people at your school now and you’re considering grad school, be sure to take note of the vibe at each of the grad schools you’re visiting. Yesterday was my first day of a rotation and I already made like three friends and had one to dinner. I knew this place was right immediately when I interviewed partially because I liked the people. As you said, try to use the lull in “excitingness” to focus on your studies and internships, which will probably get you to a place you like a lot more.
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  • johnmiller25johnmiller25 6 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Regular playing and traveling can make your mind fresh.
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  • MoonKnightMoonKnight 377 replies9 postsRegistered User Member
    I found my college life to be boring as well because my school is a commuter school. The student life does not seem all great on campus and it feels like everyone just comes and leaves. But that is just for me. I find other students at my school having fun but I would prefer a school with more school spirit.
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