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Please help me decide!

tinafish2121tinafish2121 39 replies10 threads Junior Member
Hey lovely people! So I have just finished my freshman year at Winthrop University (a small university in SC). But due to urgently having to move out from my Mom and into my Dad and sisters, I will be returning back home to Michigan. I'm really confused as to what to do concerning my education. Since it's so late in the summer, the likelihood me getting in this fall is to even a school with rolling admissions is pretty low. And on top of this, I owe Winthrop a previous balance of about $2,600 and my transcripts are being held due to this. So here are my options:
- Option 1: Attend community college and transfer either in the spring or next fall (2020).
- Option 2: Attend another university for this year and transfer again in the fall (2020)
- Option 3: Take a leave of absence from Winthrop and attend community college here in Michigan for the fall and winter and apply to transfer to a 4 year in Michigan.

Follow-up question: What will happen to my financial aid since I had already signed onto federal loans and the Pell grant at Winthrop? If I go to a community college will I be able to get the refund for all the extra money I just signed onto for this year?

Stats/Important Info:
- 24 Credits (working on 6 credits this summer at local community college in SC online)
- 3.18 GPA
- Major: I'm currently a Healthcare Management major but I'm leaning towards Public Health as well
Thanks in advance!
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  • NASA2014NASA2014 2388 replies135 threads Senior Member
    Will you be able to pay off the $2,600 before you transfer? If you do option 1, are you going to
    Take out a loan or work a job to pay off that balance? If you want to transfer you would need your transcripts and only way to
    Do that is to pay the balance which is is holding your transcript.
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  • tinafish2121tinafish2121 39 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @NASA2014 Wouldn't taking a leave of absence allow for me to pay the transcript later while going with option 3?
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30840 replies198 threads Senior Member
    When you apply to the community college, you will need to give them a copy of your transcript from Winthrop. So right now you need to focus on getting the balance paid off.
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  • tinafish2121tinafish2121 39 replies10 threads Junior Member
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