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Chance me for UCLA + a few others!

toothpasteisgoodtoothpasteisgood 0 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
Half Vietnamese, Half Mexican male here! My dream school is UCLA, but I would also like to go to Brown, NYU, UC Irvine, or Cal. I go to a good public high school in suburban Los Angeles.

GPA: 4.27 (UC) 3.96 (UW)
SAT: 1510 (770 RW, 740 M)
APs: Art History (4), English Lang (5), US History (5), Spanish (4)
Planned APs: Physics C, Calc AB, Psych, English Lit
CC Classes: I took Java programming over the summer between 10th and 11th grade. Also took Intro to Business and Principals of Marketing as dual enrollment.

ECs: - Started a non-profit that brings private tutoring and SAT prep to 6 libraries in my community. (20 staff, over 100 students)
- Have a job at Los Angeles County (Dept. Child Support Services Student Worker)
- Created a game on the App Store
- Started small programming and web design business.
- School Tutor for ESL and disabled students

Misc: - National Hispanic Recognition Program

Major choice: I don't really have a major in mind, but I might apply as either a Spanish or Poli Sci major.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 27433 replies143 postsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    You are a competitive applicant but you should consider UCLA a Reach school. uC’s do not consider Race/Ethnicity in their admission decisions. UCI looks like a Match school but you need a couple of safeties.
    2018 Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 4.20 or above capped weighted and not major specific:
    UCB: 37%
    UCLA: 41%
    UCSD: 70%
    UCSB: 80%
    UCD: 89%
    UCI: 75%
    UCSC: 92%
    UCR: 96%
    UCM: 98%

    2018 UC capped weighted GPA averages:
    UCB: 4.23
    UCLA: 4.23
    UCSD: 4.16
    UCSB: 4.13
    UCI: 4.13
    UCD: 4.11
    UCSC: 3.96
    UCR: 3.81
    UCM: 3.71

    2018 Data:
    25th - 75th percentiles for SAT:
    UCB: 1360-1540
    UCLA: 1340-1540
    UCSD: 1300-1520
    UCSB: 1270-1500
    UCD: 1220-1480
    UCI: 1230-1490
    UCSC: 1210-1450
    UCR: 1130-1380
    UCM: 1020-1280

    Best of Luck.
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  • supernovacoachsupernovacoach 103 replies2 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Your profile is very interesting, and you have the potential to stand out against the field. How you do plan to approach your essays?
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  • HamurtleHamurtle 2307 replies30 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Georgetown or Tufts perhaps if you’re interested in Political Science?
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