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Harvard SCEA 2024 Applicant Discussion!!


Replies to: Harvard SCEA 2024 Applicant Discussion!!

  • emily0528emily0528 1 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member

    I just was just snooping around and came across this discussion. Honestly, I wish I was talented as all of you (‘:

    I wanted to ask about two things:

    First, do you know how Admissions look upon economically disadvantaged students? Because AP classes (and the tests) impose a financial burden on my family. I go to a Catholic school, and I have to pay to to take these classes. I feel like because I only did Dual Enrollment (and plan to earn my AS this Dec.), I will be at a huge disadvantage compared to those taking 12 AP classes and making 4’s and 5’s on those tests.

    Second, my school is relatively new (High school opened for 2017-2018 academic year) and I will be part of the first graduating class of 2 (yes, two) of this school. Will my chances of admission drop significantly because this is basically a nobody school?

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  • skieuropeskieurope 39219 replies6999 threadsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    @emily0528 Harvard expresses no preference for AP vs.DE. As long as your GC marks your schedule as "most demanding," the AO is not going to microanalyze your courses. Additionally, since neither AP nor DE classes will earn you college credit, there's no credit advantage to taking one versus the other.

    In terms of the newness of the HS, given that Harvard rejects 95% of applicants, I would not worry that the HS is the reason you are rejected, if it happens. It is what it is, and the AO will realize that.
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  • compmomcompmom 10762 replies76 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Elitte schools talk a lot about achieving socioeconomic diversity, so if you are qualified, low income status can perhaps work in your favor since accomplishments may be seen as all the more impressive without parental income to create opportunities. In other words, you could be seen as a self-starter. (And Harvard has financial aid that basically provides a free education for those with incomes under $65k.) So yes, apply, but like anyone else, don't expect anything and make sure you have other good options.

    I once went to a new school and had a class of . A class of 2 must be amazing, practically private tutoring!
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  • NascarFedexNascarFedex 26 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    My younger son will apply Early Action. We attended the info session and tour this week on Tuesday (April 16). This was his 3 or 4th visit to Harvard.
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  • Jedelm23Jedelm23 92 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @NascarFedex I was at that tour as well I probably saw you
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  • margeumargeu 38 replies19 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Hey everyone, excited to see that this is a thread! Since there have been a couple of chance mes in here already, this seems like a good place to ask for one.

    Here's my info:

    GPA (UW): 3.99/4.0
    GPA (W): 4.7/5.0 at this point
    ACT: 34, 10W
    SAT Latin: 720 (retaking)
    SAT Lit: 740 (retaking)

    Taken most difficult schedule possible, confirmed with my school counselor, definitely most rigorous in my grade of 66. All As or A+s except an A- in freshman lit first semester.

    AP Tests (not yet taken, school only allows upperclassmen to take APs)
    Junior year: Seminar, Lang, American History, Bio, Latin, Calc AB, English Lit
    Senior year: Calc BC, Physics C, both econ tests (and research, but that’s just a senior thesis)


    Mock Trial (captain 2019-20)
    school's team is historically really good, placing at nationals, Empire etc. This year was an off-year and we placed
    2nd in the region)

    Model Assembly/Youth in Government (Chair/President 2018-19, 2019-20)
    Organized Students Vote--mock gubernatorial election for 2018 election

    Student Senate (member since its founding in 2017, Vice President 2018-19, likely president 2019-20)
    also Student Board Representative through this

    Volunteering at local hospital emergency room (considering not including)

    National Honor Society (since 2017, President 2019-20)

    Volunteering on political campaigns--doorknocking and phonebanking for Dems 2018

    Democratic Coordinated Campaign Fellowship--help with communicating to voters and organizing events. Junior year--2018 elections

    Election Judge-2018 election.

    Selective week-long page program at State House of Reps

    not going to go into specifics for privacy, but:
    organizer with state-level youth climate strikes
    organizer with a youth-led group introducing a state-level Green New Deal, gave a speech at a press conference,
    do a lot of work within the group
    also working on creating a national "resource hub" organization for youth advocacy--taking off soon

    (applied to be an intern at my US Sen's office and the Democratic party for my state, no response from either yet)

    Teacher recs:
    Bio teacher and history teacher--great relationship w both

    Varsity letter in Mock Trial 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19
    State Bar Association Certificate of Merit for 2017 & 2019 Mock Trial
    Outstanding Attorney Award at a local trial invitational 2017
    Outstanding Witness Award at a local trial invitational 2018
    Trial team placed got 3rd/28 teams at the Empire international mock trial competition 2017-18
    Outstanding Spirit of Mock Trial 2017-18

    4 Silver medals on National Latin Exam (took levels 2, 3, 4 Prose, and 6).
    1 Gold--5 Prose

    School/family background
    My school is ranked #1 in the state by US News.

    Does anyone have constructive criticism or advice on how to improve? I'm interested in concentrating in Social Studies.
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  • womaninstemwomaninstem 8 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Hello everyone!! I noticed a few other schools had 2024 discussions already and I couldn't find one for Harvard- so I figured I would make one :-)
    How far are yall in the process so far - have you drafted essays and asked for recs?
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  • womaninstemwomaninstem 8 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    ah shoot i found one it was just inactive my bad yall
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  • JKMSNJJKMSNJ 108 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    My DS is applying to Harvard this fall (really surprised but pround of his decision though). I always thought Princeton is his top choice, but... He's attending a national summer camp now. DS has 3-years teaching experience (teaching elementary/middle/high school students in and outside school), and will be a teacher aid in CS next year. so does this teaching experience help his chance moderately or just slightly? He really loves teaching but will major in STEM in college. thanks.
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  • excovererexcoverer 650 replies31 threadsRegistered User Member
    Hey everyone! It's nice to meet all of you. First of all, I wanted to say that many of you have incredible stats and ECs. Congratulations on all your work! I'll be applying to Harvard RD. Good luck to all of you.

    Have a nice day.
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  • mockingjay2020mockingjay2020 6 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Sat2 790 retake why
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  • Ruru09Ruru09 12 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I have an application question: I'm taking the ACT in September and I really want to apply to Harvard SCEA. In case my score is not as great as I want it to be, I would take it again in October. Would Harvard allow me to update the score? I know that they do allow updates generally but I want to know if they do in this case specifically. Thanks!
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  • skieuropeskieurope 39219 replies6999 threadsSuper Moderator Super Moderator
    Would Harvard allow me to update the score?
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  • ZenTaoZenTao 1 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hi all. I read CC extensively when S was applying (Vassar grad.) and when D was applying (entering Harvard fall '19, for class of 2023). In case some might find the following helpful, here are the highlights of D's profile and application results. One general note: D applied to many schools (mostly very selective LAC's and Ivies) because, as Ski Europe and others helpfully note, don't count on anything. Part of the background: D was rejected by Yale in SCEA.

    GPA Weighted: 5.2 (approx,)
    GPA Unweighted: 4.0
    Class Rank 1/270
    SAT: 1570 (780 EBRW; 790 Math; essay 6/5/6)
    SAT II Math II: 770
    SAT II LIT: 750
    AP's (when applying): two 5's: APUSH and LANG/COMP (six more taken May of '19)

    XC (captain senior year); Indoor/Outdoor T&F
    Band--oboe; (school: four years; all-state: three years--1st chair senior year): submitted music supplement with all applications
    Quiz Bowl

    State/National Scholastic Award: 9th Grade
    Many school-based awards
    National Merit Finalist (eventual scholarship winner)

    College-based leadership program summer after sophomore year
    College-based music program summer after junior year

    Accepted: Harvard, Amherst, Brandeis, Brown, Colby, Connecticut College, Dartmouth, Franklin and Marshall, Hamilton, Haverford, Middlebury, Skidmore, Swarthmore, Tufts, Williams

    Rejected: Princeton, Yale

    Waitlisted: Bowdoin

    Harvard note: two interviews (first with alum and second with admissions officer)

    Hope this helps!
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  • Ruru09Ruru09 12 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    How did this student have a second interview with an admissions officer? In what cases does this happen? How frequently?
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  • fauvefauve 3500 replies26 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    IF @ZenTao was recruited for cross-country, she may have had an admissions interview if she had a recruiting visit--that is common procedure for recruited athletes.
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  • jzducoljzducol 734 replies12 threadsRegistered User Member
    Recruited athletes are almost always offered admission in SCEA round. Since ZenTao was SCEA at Yale, RA can not be the case here.
    Getting a second request from Admissions for interview by an AO is very unusual, typically happens to an applicant on the cusp of being admitted yet AOs still having questions.
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  • MeghajiMeghaji 1 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hi Everyone
    I hope you all are doing good on your application processes; I wanted to discuss or rather hope to gets tips on my chances of getting into Harvard.
    I am good academically but have not scored quite well in the SAT(1350) even after trying twice so I dropped the idea of taking it again. The best that I feel about my application, I feel, is that I have two community service projects with a special focus on women and children and in addition to this I did one academic project. I have strong common app essay too.
    I want to apply to Harvard with gender, women, and sexuality studies. Do you feel I get a chance to this ivy league?
    My other achievements include being the part of national MUNs, regular member of community service, headed many clubs in school, attended two summer camps of Liberal arts, and other school-based achievements.

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  • popcorn454popcorn454 32 replies9 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    edited October 2
    @Meghaji Unless you have something exceptional about your application, getting in with a 1350 will be very unlikely. If you feel that you cannot do better on the SAT, try a practice ACT and see how you score and feel about that instead.
    edited October 2
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  • Ruru09Ruru09 12 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    What would count as something exceptional?
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