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Does Human Ecology favor NY residents??

mjhestmjhest 5 replies7 threadsRegistered User New Member
I am interested in the Human Biology, Health and Society major. However, I am from California and I have heard that the school of Human Ecology favors New York students. In that case, should I apply to the Biology and Society major in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences or College of Arts and Sciences instead? Those two majors are the ones I want to pursue. Where would I have a better chance?
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Replies to: Does Human Ecology favor NY residents??

  • igloo22igloo22 9 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    yes, human ecology greatly prefers ny student. (all the state contracted colleges do)
    apply arts and sciences, they have a lower preferences
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  • monydadmonydad 7830 replies158 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    Up until a few years ago I said there was not data on whether the contract colleges actually prefer NYS residents. But subsequently something was posted here on CC that indicated that there was in fact a preference.

    Still the extent of the preference is unknown and the contract colleges do have almost 50% out of state students IIRC.

    Arts & sciences does not have an in-state preference that would work in favor of others, but by admit rates it is much tougher to get into.
    My guess is that even for an out of state student arts & sciences is a significantly more difficult admit.

    Besides admit chances, there is the curriculum of each college that must be considered. The in-college course, credits and distribution requirements are different for each college. It would be a hollow victory to be admitted to a college whose program of studies you didn't actually prefer to take.

    If I were you I would compare programs of study at each college and apply to those you most want. Both at Cornell and elsewhere. If you don't get admitted to one, you will hopefully be admitted to another whose program of studies you want.

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  • SardenSarden 22 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    The COLLEGE of Human Ecology is concerned with fit. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences *is also a contract college*. Focus on your academic interests and where those fit within colleges. Apply where you fit, after reading everything about the various colleges, including their proper names ;) ALL of the colleges have low admit rates and applying to one you aren't the best fit will not improve chances.
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