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Bad essay topic??

miadonaldsonmiadonaldson 1 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
I've been brainstorming essay ideas for a while and i've finally found a topic that i'm passionate about and that I can write more than like three paragraphs about. This topic deals with my "coming of age", essentially, and my journey to better understanding and embracing the home town that I once hated, and how this has shaped me as a person and helped me learn to embrace the simple things in life. I also plan on touching on how this revelation has led me to accepting and moving on from the great memories I had here and expanding toward new experiences in whichever college I attend. With some editing and more brainstorming, I think this will be a great topic, but recently I've started to have doubts about how colleges will take this idea. Specifically, I wonder if they'll think that, because I'm so nostalgic about my hometown, I might not be quite ready to attend college in a brand new area. in other words, will a school like, let's say Boston University, find it off putting that I'm writing an essay all about my home town instead of about Boston? It might be a really irrational worry but I'm curious to hear anyone's thoughts on the situation and, if my fear is valid, any similar essay ideas that might be a bit safer. Thanks! :)
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34133 replies378 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    It's been done (not necessarily a problem.) But how does it show colleges they want you in their community? How will it relate on campus?

    "...how this has shaped me as a person and helped me learn to embrace the simple things in life." You need matching ways to show this. How has accepting better manifested around you, your actions and interactions, some positive effect on others? Show, not just hope they believe you.

    Plus remember, this isn't just a reveal to people who know you, it's for an admit.
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  • TheSATTeacherTheSATTeacher 236 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    You may need to pare this down a bit. It will be hard to squeeze that all into a common app essay.

    No, it is not a problem that you express positive feelings for your hometown. Colleges don't expect every student who goes to school out-of-state to have negative or merely neutral feelings about his or her hometown.
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