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Chance me for Northwestern ED!!

sugarbearbenchsugarbearbench 33 replies2 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Hi! NU is my dream school and I really really want to get in. I know these "chance me" things are sometimes not the best indicators BUT I would like some helpful feedback on my activities, stats, etc.
Intended Major: Theatre
SAT: 1530 (780 M 750 R)
GPA: 4.85 / 5.0 (weird grading scale because of IB), school doesn't report unweighted
-not a Full IB diploma candidate but I do take IB Theatre, History, Math, and Science
No SAT IIs and I don't plan on taking any
Rank: 33 / 515 (school is super competitive because of IB, and if you aren't full IB your GPA doesn't get weighted in the same way. It's hard to explain.)
APs: APUSH (5), AP Lang (3), AP Physics I (2, probably not sending), APWH (4), AP French (3), AP Stats (4), AP Human Geo (4)
Senior Year Course Load: not sure on some because of awful scheduling system, but definitely IB Theatre IV, IB World Topics HL (History), AP English Lit, IB Math SL, and IB Chem II HL
Major Awards: My junior class show won Best Ensemble out of the whole department (which we worked super hard on), AP Scholar with Distinction, nothing much really
-I do theatre pretty much all the time. Doing 4 productions a year, seeing a lot more. I will be directing my own 20 minute show in the fall (I had to do a 100-page project to get it approved), that I and my partner fully designed in every aspect. I'm also planning on doing another packet with the same format for another play (won't be directing, just to get more experience in research and adding to my portfolio).
-ITS (International Thespian Society) Historian
-I'll be shadowing a professional director later this summer.
-When I'm not doing theatre, I'm writing for a big online teen magazine and blogging. I just got promoted from staff writer at the magazine to Assistant Editor (which was really selective). I have a personal blog for self-reflective personal pieces.
-I've been working on another blog project for a while, it's called Our Youth. It was inspired by the bullying that many Parkland shooting victims received after speaking out against gun violence on Twitter. For the blog, I interview teenagers asking for their life stories and experiences and how it's affected their place in society and their political values. I haven't published anything yet but I have done a lot of interviews. I'm really trying to come up with a good format to convey my stuff right before I just go willy-nilly.
-I do drill team (Texas dance team) and I had a leadership position my junior year, but didn't go for one senior year because I wanted to focus on theatre and writing.
No job/work experience.
I only volunteer with ITS, I have a thing against school-organized volunteer groups.
Live with my single mom, less than $45K a year. First generation on my mom's side.
Thanks so much!
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