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UPenn Essays/ Common App Essays

helpmetocollegehelpmetocollege 6 replies7 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hey there! I'm not applying to college just yet (not a rising senior), but if anyone could talk about what their common app essays were about (if you were accepted into some top tier schools like ivies or stanford) please reply! And maybe if some of you got accepted into UPenn, could you talk about your Penn Specific Essays too? Thanks!
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Replies to: UPenn Essays/ Common App Essays

  • supernovacoachsupernovacoach 103 replies2 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Do you want to study business?
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  • helpmetocollegehelpmetocollege 6 replies7 threadsRegistered User New Member
    yes i do!
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34240 replies379 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    edited July 24
    Sorry about this, but you're asking the sort of questions that make me wonder how much you've truly researched your targets. You're the one who'll apply, who'll choose your topic and decide what to wriite. You need to both understand what they want and look for- and self match.

    What year in hs? Rising junior? Younger? You have plenty of time to research and learn. I don't see gpa, ECs, any AP scores, just questions on how to proceed. Google is your friend, you can get a Fiske Guide to colleges, you can check the hs course prep recommended and see what stats top admits have. These colleges like kids with that initiative.

    (Ok, I see the thread with the laundry list of EC and a projected 18 AP and stick to my answer there: you need to be better informed and get some sleep. Worry about the right things, at the right time, when you are prepared to move forward.)
    edited July 24
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