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Jack Cooke Kent Transfer Scholarship 2020-2021

lauramotahlauramotah 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hello! I am new to College confidential, but I wanted a shared space in which we could hopefully help each other to receive this amazing scholarship. I wanted to share my stats and hopefully you guys could share yours as well.

GPA: 3.85 (straight A's except for one class, which was during a traumatic event in my life and received a C, taking the class again to hopefully get GPA back to 4.00)

Work experience: Full Time at a Collision Center (Have been working since I was 18 yrs old to support myself, I come from anti LGBTQ+ family)
Part-Time: McGraw-hill student ambassador
Volunteer: Score-Miami (association of the SBA of Miami, helps young entrepreneurs with free business consulting and mentoring)

My Story: I was sent to Miami from Dominican Republic, my parents don't reside here and communication is minimal if anything. My parents found out I was Bisexual and since then there has been a bunch of issues between my family. I hope that one C does not ruin my year and a half of hard work. I am re-taking the course to hopefully get my stats back to a 4.00.

Rec letters: 1 personal, 1 professional, 2 academic.
Academic: Accounting Professor and Personal effectiveness
Personal: Co-Worker
Professional: Supervisor from Score Miami

Bachelors in Accounting

Schools: University of Miami, University of Florida, and Florida international University.
(if you guys have any recommendations for Accounting schools to check out let me know please!)

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  • AY99AY99 6 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    I would like to introduce myself by sharing some of my stats.
    Sex: Male
    Race : Black
    Age: 19
    College : I am currently enrolled at a community college in Missouri.
    College GPA: 3.91
    Top University choices: Stanford University, Columbia University, WUSTL and CMU.
    Major: Engineering.
    Rec letters : I haven't started the application lol. So none yet.
    Work experience: I work part time at a fast food restaurant.
    Volunteer experience : Last time I volunteered was in 2017.

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  • thelegitbrianthelegitbrian 7 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hello, I will be using the format from last year from @RainbowBritey

    If any of you would like to break the ice by sharing a little bit about yourselves, feel free to do so! You can use the following template, or just write normally.

    University: (your top picks)


    College GPA:

    Volunteer Hours (approx):

    Other stats:


    Essays (Personal opinions/critiques):

    Teacher Recs:

    Other Rec:

    Hook (if any):

    State or Country:

    Community College:


    Sex at Birth:

    Other Factors:
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  • thelegitbrianthelegitbrian 7 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    edited August 7
    University: Duke, Stanford, and Princeton

    College GPA: 4.0 (For now but may drop. Fall semester is going to be tough lol #organic chemistry :(
    Volunteer Hours (approx): Not sure as I accumulated a lot from high school until now. Will figure out later.
    Other stats: Student ambassador, SLDP, biology club treasurer/secretary, phi theta kappa, honors program
    Work experience: student ambassador
    SAT: Taking SAT soon.
    Essays (Personal opinions/critiques): Working on them right now.
    Teacher Recs: Asked 2 academics and they confirmed.
    Other Rec: Not sure if I will do this. Still considering.
    State or Country: USA, N.C

    Also, I had a question about the honors question on the application that says:
    Have you received or will you receive an honors degree from your two-year college?

    Is an honors degree being in the honors program or different? I asked Jack Kent in the help email and also my school, but have not received a reply yet.

    Thank you in advance and good luck to everyone applying! woo woo
    edited August 7
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