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Better to transfer 1st year or 2nd year from county college to NJIT

whereinnjwhereinnj 38 replies8 threads Junior Member
I had a scholarship to NJIT for 10k and I couldn't attend due to unexpected financial circumstances.
So I went to County College of Morris and did really well there my first year.

I have like 46 credit that NJIT will accept towards my major in Comp Sci.
I am not sure if I should stay another year at county and get an associate's degree then transfer or transfer this fall.

I know I probably won't get another scholarship but atleast I saved one year of tuition.
My original cost for 4 years would have been 10k in tuition and 15k in room/board per years = 100k
I plan in commuting so now my cost will be for 3 years at 20k each x 3 = 60k
If I transfer it'll be 40k

Cost aside, any benefit transferring with an Associate's degree (2 years) vs 1 year.
Max credit they accept is 60 and I already have 46.
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Replies to: Better to transfer 1st year or 2nd year from county college to NJIT

  • whereinnjwhereinnj 38 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Correction - when it happens I plan to transfer to BS in Information Technology
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  • whereinnjwhereinnj 38 replies8 threads Junior Member
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  • momprof9904momprof9904 403 replies3 threads Member
    @whereinnj You will need to look carefully at the course requirements for your major in IT at NJIT. A lot of the courses specific to your major will not be offered at you community college and some of the computer courses at CC's are not transferable at all. It may be difficult to fit in all the required courses in the final two years at NJIT, but hard to know . You need to get a list of courses for graduation for your major at NJIT, figure out how many of those you can transfer in and then look closely at how you will sequence and finish the major courses that are required at NJIT. If staying at the CC for another year, then you will save money only if you can finish ALL the other courses at NJIT in the remaining 2 years. If that doesn't seem likely, I would suggest transferring in Fall 2019 (it may still be possible) or wait until Spring 2020.

    A lot of transfer students mistakenly are just looking at the number of credits and the number of years. You MUST look at the major requirements, map out the prerequistites, and then plan a timeline. Also, not all courses are offered every semester. You will also need to check out the schedule of classes at NJIT to see which courses are offered in which semester. A fair amount of due diligence is involved but can save you thousands of dollars. I am a prof at a NJ university (not NJIT) and go through this with our transfer students from CC's all the time .
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