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Are my subject tests good for Ivies or should I retake in October?

ChanceMe1011ChanceMe1011 13 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Hey guys, I'm a senior looking to apply to Harvard SCEA and I have one more SAT subject test date. Here are my current scores:
800 Bio M, 790 Math II, 760 Chem
SAT is 1580
I am a bit worried about the Math II and Chem scores as they are both technically 75th percentile. Should I retake in October or focus on essays? Will they really have a big impact on my decisions or am I being neurotic?
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Replies to: Are my subject tests good for Ivies or should I retake in October?

  • joecollege44joecollege44 116 replies8 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Don’t waste your time. Those scores will not hold you back.
    If you are worried then don’t send the 760. But do you really think a school, even an Ivy, will care that you got a 790 and not an 800?
    My daughter would kill for your scores and she works hard. Chill out.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 34142 replies378 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    No one aiming for any tippy top should be assuming there's something wrong with those scores. You've got to know better. This focus on a 760 and 790 is off base, NOT the sort of thinking or search for understanding a tippy top expects. Not sure you're serious.
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