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transfer from KCL to an US uni after year 1

daizy2000daizy2000 1 replies3 threads New Member
Hello, as the title says I want to know if there is any case that someone applies transfer to US in year 1 of British uni. The problem I faced here is that for some British unis the offcial transcript wont come out till the end of academic year, can I just apply with unofficial transcript of 1st semester while many US uni wants an official one?

for more info you can check my another thread for background. I will aim to top public like umich unc, and some elite private schools like emory vandy.
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Replies to: transfer from KCL to an US uni after year 1

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6918 replies60 threads Senior Member
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    An unofficial (also known as a provisional) transcript directly from the college is not a big deal. US colleges will understand that. But: putting your other threads together, you have been in classes at KCL for less than a week, and there is simply no way that anybody (other than you) is predicting that you will achieve a first this year.

    Moreover, it sounds as if you are jumping ahead without doing your homework- apparently not for the first time. Learn from your UCI experience- it's your job to do the research to understand how the system works. Why the panic about sending an unofficial transcript, when 1) you probably don't have a single mark on that 'transcript' yet and 2) applications for transfer aren't due until February/March? (depends on the school)

    Think about the schools you want to attend: why should they want you over all the other applicants? Your chances are very, very small to start with because 1) there are very few transfer places; 2) you are an international; 3) you are on your 3rd university in just over a year (raising the question 'why'); and (maybe) 4) you have a transcript with Fs from UCI.

    So before you do anything else, get a copy of your transcript from UC Irvine. Does your record show that you withdrew, with no record/penalty, or that you dropped out and failed the classes you were taking, and therefore actually do have a 0 GPA? That will matter- a lot. And you do have to report it.

    If you have a transcript with Fs from UCI then I suggest you make your peace with KCL, get a First and then go to the US for a Masters. If your UCI transcript shows 'withdrawn' and no penalty/bad grades then wait until you have your first semester exam results and apply with those.

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  • daizy2000daizy2000 1 replies3 threads New Member
    thanks for the advice, my transcript with UCI is actually with 2 pass and 7 credits and that is it, I was not forced to withdraw instead I came to student centre and filled a withdrawal form then I left with good academic standing. yeah it sounds really weird why i came up to KCL and immediately want to transfer? That is because i spent half an year after left UCI thinking about my purpose, the thing is that i still want to give it a try, if i do not get any admissions in future then i will just stay in KCL and get a first. I am really confident because i know i can handle these fundamental computer science work. so far I am satisfied with UK and KCL, but i will still aim for transfer admission this season.
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