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Parties at Rice University

CollegeDude120CollegeDude120 18 replies2 threads Junior Member
I was going to apply to Rice ED, but now I am doubting that decision. I researched about Rice's parties and got tons of mixed answers, so I made this account just to ask about this. I know there are "publics" and "privates," but like how big are they? I'm not worried about drinking but how big is smoking on campus? DM me if you attend Rice or are an alumni, because I have other unrelated questions. Thanks <3
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Replies to: Parties at Rice University

  • awesomepolyglotawesomepolyglot 3875 replies69 threads Senior Member
    Privates are by definition really small.
    Publics are usually huge, with smaller pregames before the party.
    Parties are super avoidable, though--my college had its public last weekend, and I didn't even hear it take place.
    Smoking varies from college to college and floor to floor. On the roommate forms, they ask you what your comfort levels are with smoking, drinking, etc., and the O-Week coords will put you near people with similar vibes. For example, my floor doesn't party much at all, whereas the more party-loving freshmen are on another floor.
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  • ricegradricegrad 57 replies0 threads Junior Member
    ED curtails other opportunities (and other financial aid offers) so you should not apply ED if you have doubts.
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  • CollegeDude120CollegeDude120 18 replies2 threads Junior Member
    After messaging someone about this, my doubts are gone
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