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Chances for top UK colleges?

aigerabaeaigerabae 0 replies1 threads New Member
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Hi there all
Suddenly I found this website and how people are asking what are their chances for this or that university... and here I am, too.
So I'm a female Senior in an American school is middle Asia; my GPA is 3.7 something, AP biology exam 4 and AP computer science a 3. I transferred from a local school just a year ago, so basically that's my second year in English. I'm taking AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Statistics, anatomy and physiology, and some other classes this year. I also have and had several school classes online, Idk if it's a huge advantage. The SAT that I took without prep in March was 1300, and I took another one recently and hope that it's more than 1400-1450. I also took subject chemistry in may and it was 660 (without prep), so I'm taking another one in November. I'm applying to biomedical sciences (or medical biosciences in some schools) to Oxford, Edinburgh, University College London, Imperial College, and Manchester. I have running, dancing and boxing as sports and several clubs as extracurriculars. I have a recommendation letter from an AP bio teacher and will have another one from a counselor (probably). I also attended NYLF medicine this summer and am a volunteer at the local red cross. It's 9 October so the deadline is almost there and I don't have the advantage of applying early, yeah. I registered for BMAT end of October and have IELTS this week
If I have a good personal statement, do I have any chances to get into any of them? Freaked off completely because I saw many people with much better scores and everything not getting in, but also want to believe in myself cause no bragging I'm smart
Thanks in advance to everybody
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6912 replies60 threads Senior Member
    It's not just about smart: it's about demonstrating that you are a good candidate for the course, which includes both being able to handle the work and having a strong enough background to handle the material.

    That 4 in Bio and 660 in Chem is pretty certainly a deal breaker for Imperial and Oxford (an off the charts BMAT *might* make enough of a difference to get an interview at Oxford, if you have predictions of 5 for your current APs *and* get your SAT up over 1470, but I am skeptical), and is likely to be problematic for Edinburgh and UCL as well, given that those subjects are core to the subject you are applying to study. You meet the minimums for Manchester, and normally that plus paying international fees would be enough, but given the course I wouldn't put it as more than 50:50.

    IF you get an offer from any of them, it will be conditional on your senior year AP results.

    You also need to do more homework on what UK colleges value- read the UCAS site for a start.

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  • Twoin18Twoin18 1679 replies17 threads Senior Member
    I think Oxford is out of reach, so I would remove this from your list and then there will be no need to rush things to completion by October 15th. It sounds like you need to take more time to understand what is required by UCAS (for example you don't submit multiple recommendation letters and your ECs are irrelevant) so you can put together a good application and pick colleges that are better aligned with your qualifications. Is being a full pay international student affordable for your family?
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  • VickiSoCalVickiSoCal 3401 replies33 threads Senior Member
    I'm going to be blunt. Your unprepped scores are not impressive and quite a bit lower than my kid who is working her a** off to achieve a 2:1 in chemistry at St. Andrews. If you got in I fear you would struggle.
    In addition if you are not in the US APs and SAT scores will not be the preferred qualifications.
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