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NC Governor's School Admissions

carpediem19carpediem19 0 replies2 threads New Member
I have two questions: 1) Are any of the subjects more competitive than the others? I'm pretty open to most of the subjects (sounds fake but I actually am pretty interested in most things) and am wondering if applying for one would increase or decrease me chances. 2) what are they looking for? how does the admissions process work?

thanks to anyone who has any input, these are super specific questions!
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  • isla701isla701 70 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Hi @carpediem19! I am currently applying so I don't have the answers to any of these questions, but from someone who went last summer, by far the most important admissions factor is the essays (which have been posted online on their site). ECs are also considered, though I believe essays matter a bit more. They do consider GPA and the qualifying test score on a state final, but those are more to get one's foot in the door- they're not used much as a basis of comparison between applicants. (Wouldn't make much sense to compare a 3.8 to a 3.9!)

    As for the disciplines, I had the exact same question but have never found an answer. I'm just applying for the one I love the most (that discipline also has fewer courses available at my HS than the others). I would say look at the essay prompts and decide which one makes you feel the most passionate!

    Are you applying now? I really need to work more on my essays today. Expecting rejection lol.
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