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Hometown Community College Vs. Beachside Community College

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The Dean offers advice to a student who wants to attend community college at the beach. https://insights.collegeconfidential.com/community-college
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Replies to: Hometown Community College Vs. Beachside Community College

  • GregmacdGregmacd 159 replies18 threads Junior Member
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    I'm wondering if the "community college located in this same beach town" is SBCC and the "four-year school" is UCSB. If so, I could see why someone would want to go to SBCC. There are private apartments like dorms near SBCC and a private apartment like a dorm at UCSB. Thus, students attending SBCC can either live near downtown Santa Barbara and near the beach, or live near UCSB and near the beach.

    The students would spend just as much on room and board at the private apartments as they would at a 4-year school (although living at home is the cheapest option), but save a lot on tuition by attending SBCC for 2 years rather than UCSB for all 4 years. If the student does not want to live at home, SBCC creates an option that is midway between the cheapest option of living at home and attending a CC and the most expensive option of living away from home and attending a 4-year school.

    Sure, there's no guarantee that he'll achieve the grades he needs at SBCC to transfer to UCSB, but there's also no guarantee he'll get the grades he needs if he is living at home. He may actually do better at SBCC, because he'll have incentive to stay in the beach town. Living at home and attending a CC is the cheapest option, but this isn't his desire.

    The parent in the article asks this question:
    "The part I don't understand is that he doesn't plan to go to our local community college. He wants to go to the community college located in this same beach town where the four-year school is. I said "why would I pay $750 rent for you to go to community college?"

    The answer is that your son would prefer to not live at home. Although he is not saving you money on room and board, he is saving you money on tuition.

    I think SBCC is a good compromise.
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  • PublisherPublisher 9095 replies110 threads Senior Member
    Does your son need a roommate ?
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79779 replies714 threads Senior Member
    If the parent is willing to pay for four years at the four year school, but starting at the community college costs less, then there should theoretically be no objection based on money.

    But the parent may be wondering if the kid's primary motivation is beach life rather than school.
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