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Getting in-state tuition in Florida for non-traditional transfer student??

11BangBang11BangBang 16 replies7 threads Junior Member
I'm looking at some different states where I might want to go to school to finish a 4-yr degree. There are two ways I'm transferring, either one sooner rather than later w/about 30 credits, or later with a full 60 credit transfer degree.

I'm 40+, and ideally want to end up somewhere that I would like to stay after I'm done with school. I'm also a veteran (not sure if that helps make it easier), but I am lost as far as getting in-state tuition. My GI bill covers up $28k a year (that is all school expenses, no living expense in it).
All I know are things I've heard here and there, will happily admit don't know if they are accurate or what. Some states are more difficult for out-of-state, some make it near impossible to get in-state tuition, some are super easy. Not sure if this is the same as far as acceptance also? IDK if it's different for 'adults', or what. Whatever state I end up going to I plan to right off the bat get a state license, vote, live on my own (or possibly student housing).

Like I said, ideally I end up staying long-term after school. But work requirement, I have a pension, no I don't plan to run out and get a full-time job, nor do I plan to have to work a year or whatever before I start so I can get in-state tuition.

How is FLA with this? Is coming there first and going to a CC for 30 credit hours then transferring to a University make a difference? I've heard mixed about how easy Florida schools are to get accepted into. Looking at the acceptance rates, they ALL seem very low.

I'm looking at for University of Florida (probably won't get accepted period because GPA), FGCSU, USF, Florida Atlantic Univ, UCF, Univ of N Florida....

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