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Chance me: Emory ED2

yeahcollege123yeahcollege123 3 replies4 threads New Member
I am a current senior at a small, highly competitive high school in CT, right outside Manhattan. Emory does like my school and tends to be more generous with their admissions. I am an asian female. I have a 3.6 GPA, have taken 10 higher-level classes (combo of honors, AP and IB - since the school is small classes offered are limited). I got a 1470 on the SAT (750 M 720 R). I have good ECs (in the sense that I have a clear passion): internships at 3 art museums (in NYC and CT), work at an art school, founded my school's Art History Club, am the president of the Yearbook, and am on the board of the school's art zine. I also have other random ECs like volunteering at an animal shelter and other places. I think I have an outstanding teacher rec from one of my teachers but the other one I am not too sure about. I also have an external recommendation from my mentor at one of the museum internships. I have a solid common app essay which discusses an instant that is highly individual and would be memorable, and the lesson in the end that I learned is to seek understanding and that I now really value that.

I would be applying for Art History, but would ultimately apply to the business school at the end of my sophomore year, and possibly double major then in something like marketing and art history.

Also, would I have a better chance doing ED1?
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Replies to: Chance me: Emory ED2

  • TejaTummTejaTumm 3 replies1 threads New Member
    I think anyone would have a better chance doing ED1 as the applicant pool is less. I also think you're a very competitive candidate. Maybe your SAT and GPA could be higher objectively, but I think it'll be fine since you seem to be pretty confident in your application and how it reflects you. However, considering the major you're applying for, regardless of your future plans, I think you definitely have a very good shot with your current stats and your impassion of your essay.
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  • ljberkowljberkow 640 replies5 threads Member
    You don't apply to Emory with a major. Everyone is in the same pool no matter what their interest. Also, it's tough to chance people. The reason ED1s have an advantage is that Emory values the motivation to attend (note - this is not demonstrated interest, but something different).
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  • imstressed28374imstressed28374 8 replies2 threads New Member
    could someone chance me on mine?
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  • ljberkowljberkow 640 replies5 threads Member
    @imstressed28374 I think you have a good answer on your thread. Chancing for Emory is ridiculously hard to do for 90% of the applicants who all fit into a similar bucket.
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