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Spanish Placement Exam for Engineers - A Heads Up

kyledadkyledad 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
So my son, is a 1st year Engineer. In HS, he took 5 yrs of Spanish (inc 8th) and was very proficient. Last summer he had taken all the placement exams as required, and also the optional Spanish exam which he knew he would have to retake proctored. He figured he would just take for practice. In September he took the proctored exam and did well. A few weeks passed and he never saw the credits on his transcript so he made a call. He was told that the 8 credits would appear in the next week or so. Now it gets pretty poor. Calling again, he was told he was NOT getting the 8 credits because they used his score from the summer which he deemed as practice , and AS INSTRUCTED, he would have to retake in the fall anyway. After reviewing all the emails sent regarding the Spanish exam, no where does it state that the score from summer, would count. Furthermore, many times it was repeated that he would have to retake a proctored exam to get the credit. So now, my son finds out that Michigan Spanish placement exam policies are brand new, and that not everything has been worked out. Adding more insult, he was told that his September score far exceeded the minimum grade for the 8 credits. Bottom line, no where is it mentioned that you should not take the online exam, only that you have to retake it proctored. So he is now waiting as his adviser is digging into the situation. She said as the policy is new, he is the first to bring this to their attention. Hopefully it will work out. Bottom line: If you are are a future engineering student and plan on taking the Spanish Placement exam, DO NOT TAKE IT ONLINE DURING THE SUMMER. Michigan should be better than this.
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Replies to: Spanish Placement Exam for Engineers - A Heads Up

  • kyledadkyledad 52 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I wanted to follow up. Michigan ended up giving my son the 8 credits he deserved. They came to the conclusion that the new policy was not clear and they would place my son into Span 232. Not only are they awarding my son his credits but for all of those who were in the same situation, will be awarded credits as well, if deserving. I am sure moving forward, they will clear up the policies so please be careful when taking these exams. Happy ending, good job by Michigan for doing the right thing.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 5435 replies24 threads Senior Member
    Good to hear. Michigan typically will do the right thing,has been my experience. Good luck to your son.
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