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outside scholarship for US citizens living overseas

tigerusatigerusa 18 replies11 threads Junior Member
Hi, my daughter is US citizen, study and live overseas. which scholarships offer to oversea citizens? Any link?
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Replies to: outside scholarship for US citizens living overseas

  • SybyllaSybylla 4480 replies56 threads Senior Member
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  • thumper1thumper1 77054 replies3424 threads Senior Member
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    Is this the kid who is a last year high school student now?

    Or is this the kid who wants to transfer?

    If high school, and you are looking for merit aid, you have missed the early application deadlines for many merit awards at many schools.

    What are her stats, and where has she already applied?

    How much can you pay over year?

    Is your annual income below $50,000 a year.
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  • twoinanddonetwoinanddone 24028 replies18 threads Senior Member
    She'd be eligible for any scholarship that requires US citizenship or other similar status.

    Many scholarships are only available to high school kids in that state or can only be used in that state. That's going to eliminate a lot of them.

    There are some groups like the Society of Women Engineers, Elks, DAR that offer scholarships but you have to hunt them down and they are hard to get.

    Most people usually start with the school they have applied to, and then look in their local area (for all the civic group ones), for special talent ones like drama or band, for athletic ones.
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  • tigerusatigerusa 18 replies11 threads Junior Member
    this is fresh man. it seems that not much available for overseas citizens. Thanks.
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  • thumper1thumper1 77054 replies3424 threads Senior Member

    I think this was told to you on one of your other threads.

    The best scholarships come from the colleges to which your student gets accepted. So...did she apply to colleges where she would be very likely or guaranteed to receive merit aid scholarships? What colleges did she apply to?

    you wrote this...

    on maximum, my family can support my daughter's education at $20k/year. She is a US citizen studying overseas, SAT 1490, rank 7 of ~320s students in a public school, No AP/IB offering in the school, HS doesn't calculate GPA, some ECs but not very impressive. won No 1. title of national engineering competition (199 teams in total).

    So did she apply to University of Alabama? I believe she would have been guaranteed a merit award there (like other applicants with her stats) and your costs would have been $20,000 a year...or less.

    What about Arizona, or University of New Mexico? Both other places where merit aid might be sufficient to meet your price point,

    @mom2collegekids would Alabama meet the OPs price point...and is it too late to apply (since the deadline passed)?

    @WayOutWestMom what about New Mexico?

    The same NUMBER of scholarships are available to your daughter from the colleges (unless they are for instate students only at a public university) than any other U.S. citizen applicant.

    It sounds like you think there are extra scholarships for students who happen to be studying overseas. There aren’t.

    Plus this is your second time around...don’t you have another child who is also in college?
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  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 10613 replies226 threads Senior Member
    UNM's deadline for the Amigo Scholarship is Feb 1.


    Depending on how UNM computes the GPA, she may qualify for the Amigo Scholarship. The Amigo gives in-state tuition plus a $200/year stipend toward books and travel expenses.

    In-state tuition is ~$7500/year. Room & board is $10-12K, depending on housing and meal plan costs.

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