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Colleges and Specific Performer Types

simplestagemamasimplestagemama 2 replies5 threads New Member
So my daughter has noticed, and I have noticed along with her, that college theatre programs look for certain types of performers, for example, Pace University seems to like the edgier type of performer. For schools such as Ithaca, Emerson, and Western Connecticut, would anyone know what kinds of performer they look for? Or of any other schools that have a certain "type" that they look for?
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Replies to: Colleges and Specific Performer Types

  • CaMom13CaMom13 2230 replies14 threads Senior Member
    @simplestagemama - it's an interesting question! When my D auditioned at BU the alum who joined our session said plainly they "knew" who was a potential BU actor just by talking to them (but they accept actors of all types so it was more a "feel" thing. I read an interview with an admissions auditor for NYU a couple of years ago and they said the program looked for students who had dynamic personal qualities - someone who changed the energy of the room when they entered it. I thought that was interesting and in keeping with their program.

    I don't know that many programs are looking for only one type exactly (I think even the Pace/edgy thing probably has exceptions) but I do think there are hidden biases at every school. I remember reading the requirements for the Michigan prescreen and thinking it seemed like they wanted young / non-"edgy" actors - but that doesn't mean a really good sophisticated or edgy actor has no chance there.

    If you look at the freshman group pictures and/or Senior Showcase sites you may get some clues as to how a certain school "skews" . That would at least be a fair way to tell which accepted students attend a certain school even if you can't tell exactly who was accepted and did not attend.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 6211 replies26 threads Senior Member
    I personally don't think so. They might have the first year's plays picked out so they have a clue what their looking for. But talent trumps all. The more likely scenario is the body type of the applicant. They can only take so many blonde, blue eye 5ft 10 inch women right?
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  • NYDreammomNYDreammom 402 replies0 threads Member
    I wouldn’t worry about that as it’s out of your control. Instead focus on whether the program is a fit for you.
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