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Best Way to Spend My Visit at Harvard to Enhance My Future Application?

IBlordIBlord 8 replies6 threads New Member
I am going to attend the Harvard MUN as a single delegate. As someone who considers applying to Harvard in the future (I am currently a sophomore), what is the best way I could use the time there (except for a tour which I have already scheduled)? Is there, for example, a way to set up a short meeting with an admissions officer or current students? And in what ways could I demonstrate my interest for Harvard?
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Replies to: Best Way to Spend My Visit at Harvard to Enhance My Future Application?

  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 2794 replies64 threads Senior Member
    If you know what area you would like to major in, I would make an appointment to talk with someone in that department. It could be a better way to spend your time than chatting up admissions folks, who see thousands of kids a year and will not remember you in three years time, unless you make a pest of yourself, in which case the impressions will be negative. Talking with the department faculty or with students in that department could yield some good material for the "why Harvard?" essay you will have to write eventually.
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  • 1NJParent1NJParent 1557 replies35 threads Senior Member
    Harvard doesn't track and really doesn't care about you showing interest. And it doesn't ask you to write a "why Harvard" essay either.
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  • TiggerDadTiggerDad 2064 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Harvard is one of those colleges that do not consider the "level of applicant's interest" (see CDS, section C7).

    Therefore, spend your time seeking out things about Harvard that interest you. Your best way to demonstrate your interest would be applying EA and your essays, as well as your ability to articulate your assigned interviewer's potential question, "why Harvard?"
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  • QuestarQuestar 92 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Best way to enhance your application would be to crush Harvard-hosted MUN for now and worry about tours and interviews in 2 years.
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  • apparently22apparently22 65 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Many students in attendance will also be interested in applying to Harvard. There is really nothing outside of the MUN conference itself that you can do to set yourself apart from anyone else there other than doing well at the conference to add to your EC resume. But even being great at the Harvard conference is no more a bonus than being great at the UC Berkeley conference or the U Chicago conference. The MUN conference you're attending is run by Harvard students. There will be people at your conference that have applied already and are awaiting decisions as well as people that are applying next year. Would Harvard profs and faculty be receptive to being contacted by various high school students attending Harvard sponsored high school events such as MUN or debate tournaments requesting meetings? I don't know first hand but I doubt they would be receptive to that. Think about the volume of students who would do that if that were a pathway. If you're looking for something to do at Harvard that weekend they have a million and one things happening everyday and weekend so maybe there is a speaker or a panel discussion or a forum that those in the general community can attend (as opposed to being a closed event only attended by HU students with IDs) while you're there. Who knows, in that case, there may be faculty on-site for that type of thing then maybe you had a chance to introduce yourself after the event. As someone mentioned earlier, demonstrated interested in Harvard is not considered in admission decisions. Schools like that simply can not take a student's interest in attending into account. If you apply with a strong application then you have demonstrated your interest.
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  • Muko1212Muko1212 19 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Go aeound and talk to students about their lives and talk to professors about theirs
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35221 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Don't overthink this. You're a soph. There isn't much to discuss in the dept, as you don't yet have much record. And every kid who has even a vague idea can be bugging them, one way or another. You aren't demonstrating interest by being there for a conference and ticking off some checklist. Of course, it's nice to chat with students, but that's more a coincidental plus than some planned questions.

    Just go and explore. Have fun, look behind the scenes, discover what you DO like about the time there, your observations- and what you don't. Eg, one of mine was turned off by the endless eager beaver visitors. If you're humanities, check out libraries. If stem, see what you can of the labs. It's fine to pass through the dept, say Hi to staff and admit you're wandering through. But keep it quick, don't expect them to drop their own work, for yet another high schooler.

    Later, if they add a Why Us, you'll have some of that personal knowledge, as a basis, a beginning. And realize that even how you put together your app can show them what you know of the college, its opportunities and expectations. And your own fit.
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  • compmomcompmom 11114 replies78 threads Senior Member
    edited January 15
    Just go to the MUN and enjoy yourself. You can think about whether you want to apply to Harvard after a tour, exposure to the campus and Harvard Square (visit the new campus center) but don't worry about doing anything that would increase your chances. And make sure to like a range of other schools!
    edited January 15
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  • happy1happy1 23319 replies2307 threads Senior Member
    You are a sophomore in HS. IMO the focus of this trip should be to make the absolutel most of your MUN expereince.
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  • ran999domran999dom 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited January 16
    A Best Delegate award at HMUN can be labeled as an international award on your common app when you apply to college because there are students from around the world who attend the conference. It is a wonderful conference, and doing well can provide an excellent topic of discussion for your interview, especially since you took the initiative to go without your school.
    edited January 16
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  • tdy123tdy123 1033 replies18 threads Senior Member
    ran999dom wrote: »
    A Best Delegate award at HMUN can be labeled as an international award on your common app when you apply to college because there are students from around the world who attend the conference.

    Only if you want college ad coms to think you're prone to exaggeration.

    An "international award" in terms of college applications would be something on the order of the IMO where national championship teams compete for a world championship.

    HMUN is not even a "national award" it is one of many events sponsored by college MUN teams where they host a HS tournament to raise money for beer, sweatshirts and their own travel to college level MUN tournaments. That there happens to be a small contingent of attendees from other countries doesn't make it an international award.
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