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What Engineering schools should I Apply to? (Junior in HS)

tensorFlowwlmaotensorFlowwlmao 2 replies1 threads New Member
GPA: 3.95
SAT: 1600
ACT: 35
MATH II: 800
Physics: 800
Asian Male
8th Grade
Honors Geometry [A-/B+/A-/A-] (Will this hurt me?)
Algebra II [A/A]
Pre-Calculus [A/A]

Freshman Year
AP CALCULUS AB [B/A-] (Will this hurt me?)
Honors English [B+/A]
Honors Human Geography [A/A]
Orchestra [A/A/A/A]
Chinese [A/A]
Honors Physical Science [A/A]

SS (self-studied AP tests)
Environmental Science (5)
Human Geography (5)
Gov (5)
Comparative Politics (5)

Summer (through BYU)
Chemistry [A/A]
Biology [A/A]
Physics [A/A]

Sophomore Year
AP Physics 1 [A/A] (5)
AP Chem [A/A] (5)
Multivariable Calculus [A/A]
AP Stats [A/A] (5)
AP Java [A/A] (5)
Honors English 10 [A/A]
Chinese [A/A] Online*

Physics 2, C: Magnetism & Electricity, C: Mechanics (5) (5) (5)
Biology (5)

Junior Year (enrolled at University of Minnesota)
1st Sem
[2000 level] Linear Algebra and Differential Equations [A]
[2000 level] Writing and Academic Inquiry [A]
[1000 leve] Principles of Macroeconomics [A]

2nd Sem
[4000 level] Applied Linear Algebra [A]
[2000 level] Physics III [A]
[3000 level] Intermediate Macroeconomics [A]

Macroeconomics [5]
Microeconomics [5]
Literature [5]
Language [5]

Senior Year

AIME Qualifier [9]
USAMO Qualifier [10]
RSI [10]
USApho Gold Medallist [10]
USACO Silver [9] Gold [10]
ISEF Qualifier [9-10]
FRC Robotics [~24 hours a week for 3 months] (Qualifies for Worlds) Design Lead [10] Captain [11]
Speech [~5 hours a week] [Qualified for national tournament [10]]
Presidential Gold Volunteer Award [9-10]
Creator of Science Magazine [~5000 visits a week][9-12]
Physics Club Creator [10-11]

Rec. Letters
Physics Prof. at University of Minnesota
English Prof. at University of Minnesota

Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering
Wants to go out of state.

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Replies to: What Engineering schools should I Apply to? (Junior in HS)

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9254 replies93 threads Senior Member
    What is your budget? What kind of school would you prefer? Small or large? Rural or urban? Big greek life or not?

    Any applicant will need safety, match, and reach schools but the first question needs to be the budget.
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  • tensorFlowwlmaotensorFlowwlmao 2 replies1 threads New Member
    My budget is pretty large as my parents are willing to pay for my BA. I prefer a medium to a large school in an urban setting. Greek life is not a concern to me.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 81241 replies729 threads Senior Member
    edited January 17
    My budget is pretty large as my parents are willing to pay for my BA. I prefer a medium to a large school in an urban setting. Greek life is not a concern to me.

    "Medium to large school in an urban setting" sounds a lot like University of Minnesota, which you are apparently very familiar with, which will be bargain priced for you, and which will accept all of your college credit earned while in high school. But then familiarity often breeds contempt...

    If you want to go out of state, what do you not like about Minnesota, and which states are desirable to you?

    In terms of budget, have your parents assured you that they can pay about $75k per year for the most expensive private colleges? What some people think is "pretty large" may not be large enough in that context.
    edited January 17
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  • Twoin18Twoin18 1950 replies19 threads Senior Member
    If you are certain about your desired major then have you thought about going to the UK? Olympiad qualification is very highly regarded and although it’s dependent on an interview and test, you’d have a strong chance of admission at Oxford or Cambridge (it is an academic judgement not a holistic process like in the US and they only care about AP scores not grades). If you are full pay then it is also cheaper than comparable US schools.
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  • aquaptaquapt 2309 replies48 threads Senior Member
    edited January 18
    When I consider schools that combine a complete change of scene/climate with top-tier engineering in a major city, the first thing that comes to mind is Georgia Tech.

    Also Rice, which is terrific for MechE (read about their Design Kitchen).

    MIT is worth a shot as well, but I'm sure you've thought of that :)

    More urban flagships with top-tier engineering: UW-Seattle, UCLA, UT-Austin.

    UMinn sets the bar pretty high. Other excellent urban engineering schools include Pitt and CMU in Pittsburgh, Utah in SLC, CWRU, URochester, Tufts, Northeastern, Northwestern, and Ohio State.
    edited January 18
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  • tensorFlowwlmaotensorFlowwlmao 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Do you think I have the qualifications for MIT?
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  • aquaptaquapt 2309 replies48 threads Senior Member
    I think people with qualifications like yours get into MIT. And people with qualifications like yours get rejected too. The snapshot of your path looks like you have the intellectual appetite for their often-described "drinking from a firehose" educational experience. They might see fit there. But you're an unhooked applicant, and they have many more highly-qualified unhooked applicants than they can accept. Odds are probably against getting in but certainly not zero.

    Additional mid-sized urban options: Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins.

    The top Canadian universities could be worth considering too (Toronto, UBC, Waterloo, McGill). Maybe you would like their tendency to have fewer general education requirements than US schools.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9254 replies93 threads Senior Member
    GT, Michigan, MIT for reaches

    Pitt, Case for matches

    MN as a safety since you are in state
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  • RichInPittRichInPitt 2078 replies33 threads Senior Member
    + CMU, Purdue, Virginia Tech
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  • daunt18daunt18 147 replies7 threads Junior Member
    + Stanford, Berkeley

    Not quite urban urban, since Stanford's in the middle of rich Palo Alto and Berkeley's pretty much a college town, but you'd be close to San Francisco and San Jose.
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  • racereerracereer 387 replies1 threads Member
    RichInPitt wrote: »
    + CMU, Purdue, Virginia Tech

    VT is definitely not urban or med-large, it is just plain big. 😉

    I give another vote for Ga Tech. It should be a lower reach for you., it is medium sized, urban, one of the best ME programs in the country, and will likely transfer in most of your credits. How important is it to you keep your college credits? Many of the private schools will not give or be much harder to get the transfer credits. Also go ahead and apply to MIT, as you have a better chance than many.
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  • sevmomsevmom 8631 replies60 threads Senior Member
    edited January 22
    @racereer Agree that Virginia Tech is not urban but don't agree that is not med-large. There are about 27,000 undergrads, smaller amount than Purdue, Minnesota, Berkeley, Michigan, Ohio State, University of Texas , UCLA, University of Washington ( which have also been mentioned). The campus is actually quite manageable for engineering students.
    edited January 22
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2796 replies8 threads Senior Member
    You'll be surprised how often I hear "My parents can afford it." I would say the vast majority of time, there's an element of wishful thinking in that statement. Even for well-off people, OOS tuition is cost-prohibitive. In-state is always your best bet, and UM is a great university. Plus, you already have college credit there.
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  • cognizancecognizance 48 replies5 threads Junior Member
    With a resume like that, you should be able to pick your program.
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