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How good is the Computer Science department at Howard?

Edstyles123Edstyles123 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey everyone! I've been accepted to the CS department at Howard with a full ride and I'm still deciding whether I should attend or not. How good is the department? What about the average CS class size and the professors? I've been told that the infrastructure at Howard is terrible and the CS labs are hopelessly outdated, so I'd be grateful if someone who's familiar with the situation were to tell me if this is correct.

I've also been offered a place at a honors programme in Europe and it'll probably cost me ~4k-11k dollars per annum depending on the amount of scholarship I receive in late March. This one has a lot of presentations, tutorials, and class interaction, and given that I have a tendency to get lost in the background in large uninteractive classes, I think I'll do very well there. How does Howard compare? I really love the honors programme, but I'm wondering whether the small classes, prestige factor, and international environment are worth spending a small fortune on? I'm planning to settle there later, so I imagine I'll have an easier time if I already have friends and connections there.
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Replies to: How good is the Computer Science department at Howard?

  • ChangeTheGameChangeTheGame 985 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Hi @Edstyles123. My son is in a similar position as he has also been offered a full ride to Howard and he is looking to do some combination of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I also have a daughter who is already at Howard as a Chemistry major so I have had a good look at Howard and their facilities.

    While I have definitely seen some better facilities while visiting colleges, Howard’s CS Program has been rising due to it’s Google connection (look up Howard West) which aims to start a pipeline of underrepresented minorities to Google with their employees co-teaching some classes with Howard professors while also sending top Howard CS students to Google’s main campus for hands on learning. My daughter knows a few CS majors and her friends have been getting prestigious co-ops and internships at some of the world’s top tech companies.

    It would be better if you could find a way to visit the campus and see for yourself if Howard meets your criteria. My son will probably visit the campus one last time as he wants to talk face to face with the CS and Engineering departments. My son has seen one of the best CS programs in the world up close (He spent last summer at Carnegie Mellon), so he will definitely have some specific questions. Congratulations on the full ride scholarship and Good luck in making your final college choice.
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  • cookiestarcookiestar 64 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Howard CS program is pretty great, there is a pipeline to google, and many students end up working at Microsoft. Many recruiters come by
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