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Which college? Lehigh, McGill or Case

beaglemombeaglemom 111 replies19 threads Junior Member
Hi. I am wondering if anyone has advice on deciding between Lehigh, McGill or Case for a senior based in the States - mid-Atlantic region, who is open to city or not (but in my opinion falsely thinks Lehigh is close to a city), open to being far from home, wants to double major in history and a science or engineering, and money is not a deciding issue (although got into the honor's college and money from Case). What are the pros and cons of these schools? She is not much of a party person, does not drink, drugs, etc. but is plenty social.
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Replies to: Which college? Lehigh, McGill or Case

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10211 replies119 threads Senior Member
    I would pick Case based on the description of your daughter. Lehigh has a strong Greek culture and is known for their parties. McGill would be a very non traditional college experience. Case is in a super part of Cleveland - in the heart of the cultural hub. D has many friends at Case - all absolutely love it and those that have graduated easily were employed.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    Agree that your daughter may be a bit uncomfortable at Lehigh.
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 6549 replies1 threads Senior Member
    McGill is right in the middle of a very interesting bilingual city. Montreal is safer than comparably size US cities, but is still a big city. There is a lot to do right there. I have heard that students usually move out of dorms into apartments for their second year and thereafter (you are not required to ever live in a dorm). McGill will be academically challenging. It is a large school and they will treat you like an adult -- for example if you need help you are going to have to take upon yourself to go looking for it.

    The drinking age in Montreal is 18. I have heard that this partly moves the drinking out of the dorms and into the bars and nightclubs.
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  • 57special57special 703 replies16 threads Member
    I don't know that I would say that McGill is non traditional, especially when compared to Case. And I sure as hell wouldn't tout the cultural superiority of the immediate area around Case vs. McGill- it's not really a contest in that regard.
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 5377 replies91 threads Senior Member
    edited April 6
    What does your D find appealing about McGill? It is much larger than CWRU and Lehigh, and does not offer the support and structure that many US universities do. It is in a vibrant (but cold!) city.

    Agree with the comments that Lehigh is a work hard, play hard school. Overall students seem more mainstream than the ones at CWRU, who seem relatively more nerdy. Agree it's tough to call Allentown a city, and the immediate area surrounding Lehigh is sketchy.

    I am sure your D could find her peeps anywhere, but probably lean CWRU.
    edited April 6
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