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Make me love USC, Viterbi

EPallazzoEPallazzo 33 replies13 threads Junior Member

Admitted to Viterbi & offered scholarships that should bring the price tag to around 40k/yr.

Also admitted to several large publics where the cost would be less than 10k/yr. A few are near zero. Obviously not talking about UCB or UMich here.

The difference in cost here is substantial. Does anyone see Viterbi as the smart choice?

The CC community seems to favor less expensive options. Are there exceptions that make sense?
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Replies to: Make me love USC, Viterbi

  • bean01262020bean01262020 148 replies2 threads Junior Member
    "The CC community seems to favor less expensive options. Are there exceptions that make sense?" It sounds like you really want someone to convince you to go to USC since no one is telling you what you're hoping to hear and that USC is where you want to go. Bottom line is that if you really want to go to USC and/or can afford USC, go for it. If not, don't. I guess some exceptions would be lots of connections, great student life, and a good engineering education (based on what I've read online) but assuming that 40K price tag is for the next four years, you could be looking at around $160K to pay off in loans if you're attending for 4 years lol.

    I'd say talk to your parents about it. If they're willing to help you pay $40K per year for the next 4-5 years, go for it. If they're hesitant or unwilling, then it's not really a smart choice imo. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!
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  • FilmilfFilmilf 14 replies15 threads Junior Member
    You should have probably listed the state schools so we could have actually compared them.

    Viterbi is very good, especially for CS. I know people who work for Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. I also know someone from engineering who’s worked for Space X and Magic Leap.

    With a Viterbi degree you can probably pursue more prestigious higher paying jobs.

    USC is very expensive. The average student comes from a family making $160K+ a year.

    If your family can afford it it is a very good choice.
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  • FilmilfFilmilf 14 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Oh also Neil Armstrong went to Viterbi
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  • simba9simba9 3372 replies20 threads Senior Member
    When Neil Armstrong and I were attending engineering grad school at USC, it wasn't yet called Viterbi.
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