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Rice or Northwestern for Engineering

charliexe22charliexe22 1 replies1 threads New Member
I am so incredibly torn between these two school to the point in which I have no clue on which one to commit to, so I was wondering if I could get some insight on both these schools.

I am currently going for civil engineering, but that could easily change as I get introduced to new forms of engineering, so I wanted to know which school was stronger in opportunities for engineering students overall.

Btw. I don't really care about sports so that is not a factor for me, neither is finances, I am hoping they both soon will give me a fairly equal and good package.
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Replies to: Rice or Northwestern for Engineering

  • ChezCurieChezCurie 228 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Is cost an issue? How about location/weather?
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  • charliexe22charliexe22 1 replies1 threads New Member
    @ChezCurie no, cost is not really an issue. As for weather, I guess I prefer warm weather over cold, but I live in Pennsylvania so the cold won't be an issue either.
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  • saarinensaarinen 24 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Many CC members like Rice because of the residential colleges. But you asked about the academics.

    + Entering students who indicate a specific major are assigned a professor from that department as their freshman adviser, but they are free to choose a different field when they officially designate their major, typically at the end of their first year.
    - Chicago is cold and windy.

    + other than Shepherd's school of music and the Architecture you do not have to decide major until Sophomore year and can switch majors.
    - Houston is hot and humid.

    I would ask about job prospects after college, and think about where you want to work. Here are two websites you should check out.


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  • IWannaHelpIWannaHelp 460 replies3 threads Member
    edited April 11
    I think it's hard to compare "opportunities" unless one has extensive knowledge of both schools. You can still compare their academic offerings on their websites. I went to their websites and from the first glance, Northwestern has an industrial engineering & management sciences department and Rice doesn't. I don't know if that matters to you. As for civil engineering, it's probably a toss up unless you are interested in transportation. Northwestern has probably one of the leading transporation research centers in the country, which offers an undergraduate minor program.
    edited April 11
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  • IWannaHelpIWannaHelp 460 replies3 threads Member
    Northwstern students can still change majors during sophomore year or up. I am not aware of any strict deadline but the later one decides and sticks to it, the less likely he/she will graduate in four years.
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